New California Laws 2019

California New Laws Series

Sacramento, CA โ€“ Part 18 in the series of New California laws for 2019 includes prescriptions, oil spills, cannabis in alcoholic beverages, local control and accountability BART and more.

For complete details regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2019 – Part 18

  • AB-2847 – Commercial real property: tenancy: abandonment.
  • AB-2849 – Sierra Nevada Conservancy: watershed improvement: tribal organization.
  • AB-2850 – Nurse assistant training programs: online or distance learning.
  • AB-2859 – Pharmacy: safe storage products.
  • AB-2861 – Medi-Cal: telehealth: alcohol and drug use treatment.
  • AB-2862 – Credit unions: investments and exemptions.
  • AB-2863 – Health care coverage: prescriptions.
  • AB-2864 – Coastal resources: oil spills.
  • AB-2865 – High-occupancy toll lanes: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.
  • AB-2867 – Criminal procedure: postconviction relief.
  • AB-2870 – Military: National Guard: youth challenge program: counselors.
  • AB-2873 – Personal vehicle sharing: recalled vehicles.
  • AB-2876 – Vehicles: removal and impound authority.
  • AB-2878 – Local control and accountability plans: annual goals: state priorities: family engagement.
  • AB-2880 – Political Reform Act of 1974: local enforcement.
  • AB-2884 – Real estate.
  • AB-2885 – Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.
  • AB-2887 – Migrant farm labor centers.
  • AB-2889 – Timber harvesting plans: guidance and assistance.
  • AB-2893 – California Health Benefit Review Program: financial impacts.
  • AB-2894 – Post-secondary education: students called to active military duty during an academic term.
  • AB-2898 – Emergency services: local emergencies.
  • AB-2899 – Cannabis: advertisements.
  • AB-2900 – Proposed new public water system: preliminary technical report.
  • AB-2901 – Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017.
  • AB-2902 – Hazardous substances.
  • AB-2911 – Fire safety.
  • AB-2912 – Association finances.
  • AB-2913 – Building standards: building permits: expiration.
  • AB-2914 – Cannabis in alcoholic beverages.
  • AB-2915 – Workforce development boards: mutual disaster aid assistance: memorandum of understanding.
  • AB-2918 – Vehicles: driverโ€™s handbook.
  • AB-2920 – Transactions and use taxes: North Lake Tahoe Transportation Authority and City of Berkeley.
  • AB-2923 – San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District: transit-oriented development.
  • AB-2927 – California Earthquake Authority.

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New California Laws

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