New California Laws

New California Laws 2024: Part 14

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 14 in New California Laws for 2024 includes laws currently chaptered in Sacramento during the 2023-24 legislative session. This installment includes laws on domestic violence, vehicle cameras, child support, legally protected health care, and more.

For full and specific text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

New California Laws 2024 (part 14)

SB-281Crimes: aggravated arson.
SB-286Offshore wind energy projects.
SB-290Domestic violence documentation: victim access.
SB-291Pupil rights: recess.
SB-293Pupil assessments: California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress: statewide results.
SB-296In-vehicle cameras.
SB-297Elections: initiatives and referenda: withdrawal.
SB-302Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act.
SB-304Monterey-Salinas Transit District: public contracting.
SB-306Climate change: Equitable Building Decarbonization Program: Extreme Heat Action Plan.
SB-309Correctional facilities: religious accommodations.
SB-311Medi-Cal: Part A buy-in.
SB-314County of Sacramento Redistricting Commission.
SB-319Electricity: transmission planning and permitting.
SB-321Literacy: libraries: Local Public Library Partnership Program.
SB-323Comprehensive school safety plans: individualized safety plans.
SB-326The Behavioral Health Services Act.
SB-327State teachersโ€™ retirement: disability allowances and benefits.
SB-329Cities: city council members: compensation.
SB-331Child custody: child abuse and safety.
SB-332Minor league baseball players.
SB-335Transactions and use taxes: County of Santa Clara.
SB-337Environmental protection: lands and coastal waters conservation goal.
SB-341Housing development.
SB-343Child support.
SB-344Ken Maddy California Cancer Registry.
SB-345Health care services: legally protected health care activities.
SB-348Pupil meals.
SB-350Pupil attendance: excused absences.
SB-353Beverage containers: recycling.
SB-355Multifamily Affordable Housing Solar Roofs Program.
SB-360California Coastal Commission: member voting.
SB-362Data broker registration: accessible deletion mechanism.
SB-365Civil procedure: arbitration.
SB-368Firearms: requirements for licensed dealers.
SB-369Pupil instruction: model curricula: Vietnamese American refugee experience: Cambodian American history and heritage.
SB-371Undomesticated burros.
SB-372Department of Consumer Affairs: licensee and registrant records: name and gender changes.
SB-374Vehicles: specialized license plates.
SB-376Human trafficking: victim rights.
SB-381Electric bicycles: study.
SB-383Claims against the state: appropriation.
SB-384Barbering and cosmetology.
SB-385Physician Assistant Practice Act: abortion by aspiration: training.
SB-387State property: sale or lease: broadband development.
SB-388Alcoholic Beverage Tax: beer manufacturer returns and schedules.
SB-389State Water Resources Control Board: investigation of water right.
SB-392Tied-house restrictions: advertising exceptions: City of Inglewood.
SB-401Digital financial asset transaction kiosks.

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New California Laws

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