Dry Creek Trails

Navigating West Roseville’s open spaces

Roseville, Calif.- The roads less traveled tend to also be the roads that deliver a bigger sense of adventure. For suburban Roseville cyclists, that path often leads to Dry Creek Park and the surrounding bike paths and trails.

This popular 34-acre park on Walerga Road which opened in 2013 and is surrounded by hundreds of acres of open space and miles of trails is the ideal staging ground for exploration. Let’s go Biking Roseville!

Simple Route

Depending on your ambition and energy level, Dry Creek Park provides opportunities for a short or extended ride on and around the multi-use path which extends in a mostly straight path all the way from Watt Ave to Cook-Riolo. This path roughly parallels Dry Creek which provides riders with some water views along with wildflowers and the dominant Blue Oaks which are a signature site in Roseville. Perfect for beginners and casual riders looking for a ride under 10 miles. Restrooms, a playground, and picnic area provide added convenience.


Just a short distance off the paved route you’ll find dirt trails that stay closer to the creek and offer up a slightly more challenging terrain. Navigating this section is mostly easy with a few tricky navigation spots, so keep an eye out for trail hazards, some sharp turns and other riders out enjoying the trails. Riders can enjoy cooling down thanks to creekside shade. Several terrific spots to take a break while absorbing some scenery adds to the enjoyment.

Roseville meadow flanked by Blue Oak trees

Doyle Ranch Park and more trails

Where the overpass crosses Dry Creek on Walerga Rd, the paved path jug handles over the creek on the path toward the beautiful Doyle Ranch Park and onto additional Dry Creek Trails. This section is relatively calm and quiet while off-road trails provide solitude and a glimpse back in time. Explore and find the large meadow with a barn in the distance that offers a bucolic reminder of the past as rapid development approaches just to its eastern flank.

Why we love it!

  • Off-road trails!
  • Solitude!
  • Variety of loop options
  • Access to Dry Creek Park
  • Trails parallel Dry Creek
off-road trails at Dry Creek Park in Roseville, Calif.

Extending your ride

With a little preplanning and sense of adventure, you’ll discover much to explore nearby by connecting to this not-always connected patchwork of trails and open spaces simply by short hops along some bikes lanes, sidewalks and streets. Check Google Maps for ideas! Pack your sense of adventure and discover for yourself all the beauty and fun in Biking Roseville. See ya on the trails!

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