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20th year online

Community powered

Roseville Today begins our 20th consecutive year as Placer County’s local leader in the digital space. A big heartfelt thanks to our neighbors, friends and community for two decades of amazing support! We’re excited as we embark on our next chapter.

A local and independent small business with no affiliation to print or corporate media, we look forward to continuing our mission of assisting organizations of all sizes expand their online reach.

Focused on business, travel and entertainment, we deliver uplifting, insightful and practical content to our community and beyond. We help business owners deliver and share their stories and messages in ways that are meaningful and compelling. We love what we do!

What We Offer

Roseville Today offers a range of affordable and personalized services to match your needs including, but not limited to:

  • Local Online Business Marketing
  • SEO and Consulting
  • Local Event Promotions
  • Feature Travel & Destination Coverage
  • Feature Event Coverage
  • Custom Services

Please get in touch here and let us know how we might be able to assist!


Think different? Business owners who enjoy dancing a bit outside convention and the antiquated ways of the corporate herds, find themselves sharing a sense of affinity around here. Looking to cut out the middlemen? Crush added expenses? Free up more time? Welcome. We work together with a wide variety of clients to help craft practical solutions, minus the headaches.

  • small business owners
  • non-profits
  • mom n’ pop businesses
  • local municipalities
  • event promoters
  • musicians
  • hoteliers
  • tourism officials
  • marketing and pr firms
  • entrepreneurs
  • outside-the-box thinkers
  • passionately driven adventure seekers

To explore and consider if our services are a good fit for your business, get in touch here!

NO affiliation with print, politics, or corporate media.