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Placer County’s largest city, Roseville is a full service city and home to over 147,000 residents. The city features an abundance of shopping, open spaces and a first rate trail system. Noted for well maintained communities and high quality public services.

Roseville Transit Arrow (previously Dial A Ride)

Roseville Transit Arrow formerly known as Dial-A-Ride provides curb-to-curb public bus service, and complementary ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) paratransit service.

Much to like regarding 2024 BMW iX

Roseville, Calif.- It's easy to be enamored with the BMW iX. It delivers excellent performance, has terrific overall range, offers superior comfort, and has plenty of bells and whistles that will please any tech-savvy individual.

Tower Theater entertainment in the heart of Downtown Roseville

Located on Vernon Street in the heart of Downtown Roseville, the iconic building is surrounded by walkable restaurants, retail, parks and other amenities

Quick Guide to Roseville Golf Courses

Roseville, Calif.- The sun is shining and the weather is warming up. Looking to get a round or two of golf in with your friends? Roseville golf courses offer year-round fun with courses that vary in degree of difficulty. From public courses to private memberships, the greens await.

Mahany Park in Roseville, meeting the needs of an active community

Roseville, Calif.- Mahany Park in Roseville is more than a park, much more. Located in west Roseville on the corner of Pleasant Grove Blvd. and Woodcreek Oaks Blvd., it is an active community hub 365 days per year.

Placer County & Roseville Dog Leash Laws

Despite how it may appear in many places around our great county with lots of our wonderful four-legged friends running around, there actually is a leash law in Placer County.

KidsFirst in Roseville, local non-profit operating counseling and family resource centers

Roseville, Calif.- KidsFirst is non-profit, community-based organization operating counseling and family resource centers which empower, educate and strengthen families through prevention, early detection, intervention and treatment programs.

Royer Park in Roseville, a downtown destination for recreation & exploration

Roseville, Calif. - Tucked alongside a small strip of Dry Creek which runs quietly through Downtown Roseville sits the unassuming Royer Park. Coming in somewhere around 17 acres in size, this downtown location provides

Northern California snowpack water content briefly hits 100 percent of average...

The 2023-24 snow season is making a rapid recovery following a slow start. Northern California snowpack water content has hit 100 percent of its average for the first time this season.

Placer County vote center locations provide option to choose your voting...

Auburn, Calif. - The Elections Office's recent adoption of the Voter's Choice Act (VCA) election model means expanded in-person voting opportunities for Placer County voters.

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Paul Black’s Solar Panel Cleaning in Roseville serving the region for...

Roseville, Calif. - Money-saving solar panels in Roseville, Rocklin and throughout South Placer County have become ubiquitous From new residential solar communities continue to big business and after market installation, solar seems to be a smart choice to shred those high monthly electric costs.

Welcome to the Brighter Side

FEMA Recognizes Roseville as “Best in the Nation”

Roseville, Calif.- Roseville's status as the first city in the nation to achieve the highest Class 1 rating for flood protection by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was recognized back