Miners Ravine

Suburban Escape for Biking and Nature Lovers

Roseville, Calif.- This segment of Biking Roseville has us returning to Miners Ravine. This popular suburban escape for an enjoyable afternoon that begins in Downtown Roseville and winds its way to Sierra College Blvd and back again. Miners Ravine Trail offers a sweet dose of the outdoor exploration by bike or foot with multiple starting points in Roseville.

For this adventure, we decided on a convenient (~ 10 mile) loop that would start/end in Downtown Roseville. This start/end point provides ample and convenient free parking along with the opportunity to explore downtown and patronize local merchants at the conclusion of our ride.

Downtown Roseville

For parking we chose a spot near the Roseville Telephone Museum, grabbed our bikes and headed south on Folsom Road to Miners Ravine Trail entrance just a block away. Downtown Roseville offers an abundance of free parking, choose a spot that suits your ride.

Once on this popular and scenic trail, you quickly forget (with the exception of the occasional underpass) you are in the middle of the most populated city in South Placer.

Miners Ravine Trail in Roseville, Calif.

Dry Creek

For a good portion of the ride, the trail closely parallels Dry Creek. There are many points along the way to take in the wildlife, scenery and seasonal blooms. The trail provides several well marked signs to additional entrance and exit points. We really enjoyed the opportunity to get off the paved paths and explore the lesser traveled trails.

If you’re not too adventurous, you may wish to map out your course beforehand. For those with the time and energy, there are great opportunities to explore.

Once the trail reached Sierra College Blvd near near Bayside Church, we looped back around the water holding pond via the dirt and gravel trail and retraced our route back to Downtown Roseville to grab some lunch.

An entertaining place to go solo or bring friends, Miners Ravine Trail offers a great escape for those looking to get away without the hassle or cost of a more time consuming adventure. All right here in our own backyard.

Dry Creek in Roseville, Calif.

Why we love it!

  • Miles of trails
  • Bike Lockers downtown
  • Access to Downtown restaurant, bars & entertainment
  • Downtown bike shop for unexpected repairs
  • Both urban and suburban vibes

Miners Ravine Trail

  • Trails are popular
  • Avoid hottest part of day
  • Bring water
  • Amazing spring blooms
  • Terrific creekside scenery
  • Easy bike and walking paths
  • Pedestrians Walk on Left / Cyclists on Right
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