October Music Festival

Featured California Events in October

Featured Events in October Roseville, CA- On the cusp of the holiday season, it's time for a little extra fun and excitement. Come autumn, there's...

Pumpkin Patches in Roseville and beyond

Roseville, CA- To quote the character Linus from Charlie Brown, " There are three things that I've learned never discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin."
Roseville Event

Roseville Spooktacular offers Halloween Season Family Fun

FREE Family Fun At Count Watts' Spooktacular Roseville, CA- Are Voltage Vampires lurking in your home? Voltage Vampires are appliances that use energy even when...

Real Estate

Realtor Julie Jalone

Home Owners are Making Money

Home Owners Experiencing Equity Growth Roseville, CA,- Being a home owner is paying off. The average homeowner in the United States experienced an increase in...
Realtor Julie Jalone

California Wildfires and Insurance

Challenges for Homeowners Due to Wildfires Roseville, CA- The California Department of Insurance is warning he current wildfires may make insurance more expensive and harder...
Realtor Julie Jalone

Where are people leaving California going?

California Real Estate Trends Roseville, CA,- In a recent article published by REALTOR Magazine, we are seeing a trend of people moving across state boundaries....
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