Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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The Surprising Truth about Dietary Fat and Your Cholesterol Levels

Now as more research has emerged, the dietary guidance for optimal cardiovascular health has shifted. One of the most extensively researched dietary patterns to date, the Mediterranean diet, has been shown to help prevent heart disease and stroke

Healthy Weight Loss in the New Year

Sacramento, Calif.- As health care providers, we fully recognize that excess weight leads to higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other serious health conditions.

Myrtle Beach to Knoxville in Walk USA for Health Equity

The takeaway from those 29 memory-packed days, from Myrtle Beach to Knoxville, is the overwhelming kindness shown to a stranger.

7 Things You Can Do Today to Reduce Anxiety and Increase...

Roseville, Calif. - Are you experiencing higher levels of stress or anxiety lately? You can approach your stress/anxiety with your mind, body, spirit, and emotional health in mind.

Everyone’s Talking About Ozone Therapy, but what is it?

Sacramento, Calif.- Ozone therapy is a unique treatment in that it detoxifies and heals the body. Ozone gas (comprised of 3 oxygen atoms) is highly antimicrobial against viruses, bacteria, and yeast and can be used for many chronic illnesses

Sacramento Naturopathic Doctor Walks Across America for Health Equity and a...

Sacramento, Calif. -To focus the national spotlight on health equity and emphasize the importance of preventing and reversing disease, and optimizing health, I will be walking across the USA starting on September 12.

Insomnia, Sleep On It and Feel Refreshed

Insomnia, a difficulty either falling or staying asleep, is America's #1 health related problem. Sacramento, Calif.- A sleep study showed that 47% of adults and 57%...

Naturopathic Medicine and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease (PD) is the second most common neurogenerative disorder experienced by seniors; voluntary movement is impaired or lost. Although the dis-ease may come...

Reflections on Dr. Godby’s 76-day nutritional plan and fitness journey

"Experiments in Truth" - How an old dog learned a few new tricks Sacramento, Calif.- If you are looking for a New Year's Resolution for...

Vitamin D levels drop as winter’s gloom nears

If living a long and healthy life is a priority, it is imperative to know that simply having a low level of Vitamin D is associated with an amazing 26 percent increased rate of death, from all causes, according to an August, 2008 Archives of Internal Medicine study.