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Located approximately 22 miles northeast of Sacramento, Rocklin is a suburban community with a population over 70,000 residents. The city is often noted for its public safety, youth sports & historical district.

1st Annual Toss for DMD Cornhole Tournament in Rocklin

Rocklin, Calif.- Unleash the Fun and Compassion at the 1st Annual Toss for DMD Cornhole Tournament in Rocklin! The fun happens May 4, 2024 at In-Shape Family Fitness in Rocklin, check in begins at noon!

Sierra College welcomes Dr. David Martin as VP of Administrative Services

Rocklin, Calif. - Sierra College and its Board of Trustees are pleased to announce that Dr. David Martin has been appointed to serve as the new Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Administrative Services. David will succeed Erik Skinner who is retiring

Sierra College hosts California State leaders to highlight successful programs &...

Rocklin, Calif. โ€“ย On Tuesday April 2,ย 2024, Sierra College hosted leaders from across California to highlight the success of higher education programs that empower community members with training and access to well-paying regional jobs through business partnerships.

Sunset Whitney Recreation Area in Rocklin

Rocklin, Calif. - In 2018, local residents may have opposed Prop 68, but California voters approved it. Fast forward to 2024 and you'll find residents of all political stripes celebrating the results in the form of Sunset Whitney Recreation Area in Rocklin.

2024 Update Placer County’s Shifting Electorate

Roseville, Calif. - Placer County, long a bastion of conservatism in California continues to change. In the process, the region continues to become more diverse, educated, and prosperous.

Mazda CX-30 among the top subcompact SUVs

Roseville, Calif.- Being a fan of the venerable Mazda 3, it should come as no surprise that we also stand firmly behind the merits of the Mazda CX-30.

Roseville vs Rocklin: Parks & Trails outdoor matchup

Roseville, Calif. - South Placer County residents enjoy some of California's best weather. Abundant sunshine, warm weather and low humidity provide the perfect environment for residents to enjoy outdoor recreation

KidsFirst celebrates 35th anniversary with local events

Roseville, Calif. - KidsFirst, Child Abuse Prevention Council of Placer County, is preparing to celebrate its 35 years of service with a variety of community-centered activities in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Where did Rocklin come from?

Our city's name first appeared in print in June 1864 when 'Rocklin' was listed in a Central Pacific Railroad timetable as a stop between Junction (now Roseville) and Pino (now Loomis). But how did the name, 'Rocklin', originate?

Rocklin City Council approves New Mixed-Use Destination ‘University Square’

Rocklin, Calif. -LRE & Companies, a full spectrum real estate development, asset manager, construction, and hotel management company, announces that it has received approval from the City of Rocklin to move forward with its plans for "University Square"-a 10-acre mixed-use

๐Ÿ’ซ Local Spotlight

Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center emphasizes the use of prevention and natural...

Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Centerย is a professional primary care natural medicine committed to helping all people reach their full potential โ€“ mind, body and spirit.

Welcome to the Brighter Side

Placer County ranked #2 in quality of life, 4th healthiest in...

Roseville, Calif.- Following three consecutive years as the second healthiest county in California, Placer County dips slightly to the number four slot behind a trio of Bay Area counties. Marin, a perennially winner remains atop the list of California's healthiest counties.