New California Laws 2019

California New Laws Series

Sacramento, CA – Part 17 in the series of New California laws for 2019 includes prescription drugs, pesticides, cannabis, interdistrict transfters, Native Americans:repatriation and more.

For complete details regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

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California Laws 2019 – Part 17

  • AB-2745 – State parks: merchandise sales.
  • AB-2746 – Taxation: tax-defaulted property sales.
  • AB-2750 – Certified copies of death records.
  • AB-2751 – Agricultural labor relations.
  • AB-2753 – Density bonuses: density bonus application.
  • AB-2760 – Prescription drugs: prescribers: naloxone hydrochloride and other FDA-approved drugs.
  • AB-2762 – Public contracts: disabled veteran business enterprises: local small business enterprises: social enterprises.
  • AB-2764 – State acquisition of information technology goods and services: exemptions.
  • AB-2769 – Privacy: driver’s license information.
  • AB-2770 – Privileged communications: communications by former employer: sexual harassment.
  • AB-2774 – Animal shelters: adoption application: crimes.
  • AB-2775 – Professional cosmetics: labeling requirements.
  • AB-2777 – State employees: travel reimbursements.
  • AB-2780 – Family law: support orders.
  • AB-2782 – California Environmental Quality Act.
  • AB-2783 – Controlled substances: hydrocodone combination products: schedules.
  • AB-2785 – Student services: lactation accommodations.
  • AB-2789 – Health care practitioners: prescriptions: electronic data transmission.
  • AB-2791 – Stray animals: impoundment: puppies: kittens.
  • AB-2792 – Termination of the parent and child relationship: severe sexual abuse.
  • AB-2797 – Planning and zoning: density bonuses.
  • AB-2798 – Hospitals: licensing.
  • AB-2799 – Adult-use cannabis and medicinal cannabis: license application: OSHA training.
  • AB-2800 – High school athletics: California High School Coaching Education and Training Program: heat illness.
  • AB-2801 – Crimes: memorials: veterans and law enforcement.
  • AB-2802 – Insurance payments: interception.
  • AB-2813 – California Cybersecurity Integration Center.
  • AB-2816 – Pesticides: schoolsites: report.
  • AB-2821 – Integrated and comprehensive health and human services system.
  • AB-2822 – California State Auditor: high-risk local government agency audit program.
  • AB-2826 – Pupil enrollment: interdistrict attendance.
  • AB-2830 – County agencies: interns and student assistants: hiring preference.
  • AB-2831 – Small business customers: demand-side energy management programs.
  • AB-2832 – Recycling: lithium-ion vehicle batteries: advisory group.
  • AB-2835 – Elections: ballots.
  • AB-2836 – Native Americans: repatriation.
  • AB-2844 – Insurance: agents and brokers.
  • AB-2845 – Criminal procedure: pardons.

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New California Laws

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