Roseville Trailblazers

Quality of Life: Trails & Open Spaces a treasured gem

Roseville, Calif. – The Roseville trail system is a treasured gem of the community and is one of California’s best. For many residents, it remains one of the biggest contributing factors to quality of life in our city.

Connecting neighborhoods and parks through a series of interlocking paths, paved and dirt trails wind through a patchwork of dedicated open spaces. Providing recreation and respite opportunities shared by humans and a variety of creatures, it’s a bucolic escape that’s conveniently woven into modern suburban life.

Suburban sanctuary

In addition to cyclists, joggers and casual walkers enjoying the paved trails, the towering Blue Oak trees, creeks, vernal ponds and grassy meadows are commonly used as props for family and friends photo opportunities. Graceful and shy egrets regularly touchdown here, often not too far from a nearby rafter of turkeys who call this place home. Hawks soaring high above help manage the rodent and serpent population. As the warm summer sun arrives and grasses begin to tower waist-high, a trip of goats arrive to dine and minimize fire risks to the community. This symbiotic relationship that also provides entertainment for the young and young at heart.

Wildflowers come alive in late spring.

Dry Creek Challenge

For the most part, the trails and open spaces are clean. However, some areas require more upkeep than others due to either heavier usage or simply their location in relation to waterways.

West of Dry Creek Park is one such regularly impacted area. This area extends on the trails that parallel Dry Creek from Walerga Rd to Watt Ave.

During times of rain, the water level rises above its low banks, as it recedes, it leaves behind a wake of accumulated suburban debris it has carried along its journey. Regular cleanup becomes a necessity.

Become a Roseville Trailblazer

Roseville Today is joining the effort and has invited Placer County to assist residents in helping to spruce up this popular section of unincorporated Roseville.

Volunteers are needed for ocassional cleanup, the County will be providing trash bags and handling pickup of full bags and large piles of debris. Completed liability forms prior to cleanup are being required by Placer County.

Help to improve and keep one of Roseville’s community treasures clean help maintain quality of life for all.


Step 1: Download and Complete the Volunteer Below
Step 2: Submit form to Placer County at [email protected]
Step 3: Cleanup days and time slots will be published ahead of time on Roseville Today

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