Unique mini-destinations worth a visit

Roseville, Calif. – There much to love about Roseville libraries and three locations make them all mini-destinations worth a visit. Plan some additional time for exploring in and around each of the libraries.

Here’s a quick rundown of each Roseville library along with link with info and directions. Visit and explore all three to find your favorite!

Roseville Libraries

Downtown Roseville Library

A fun place to explore local history, this library houses the Veterans Resource Center, Local History Center, Roseville Genealogical Society collection and the Adult Literacy program.

Why We โ™ฅ It
Spend an afternoon learning a little about Roseville’s history, then take to the streets to explore historical locations before diving into a modern day downtown eatery for a bite and brew.

Maidu Library

Diminutive in stature, the Maidu Library is conveniently tucked alongside Maidu Regional Park. Grab a book or two along and park your favorite travel chair under a tree.

Why We โ™ฅ It
Low-key chill factor. Unwind with a book beneath the canopy of trees while the hustle and bustle surrounds you. At Maidu Library, you’ve got it made in the shade.

Martha Riley Library

Martha Riley Library

Martha Riley Library’s comfortably airy and open environment makes time disappear. Fun for all ages, the Exploration Center is a fun place to engage and learn. Head out back to explore the grounds and enjoy the universally accessible playground.

Why We โ™ฅ It
What’s not to love! Contemporary, fun and engaging with a universally accessible playground helps Martha Riley Library cement its highly revered status in the community.

Local area libraries

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