Blue Oaks trails in Roseville

Experience Roseville’s flora and fauna along this easy, all-seasons ride

Roseville, Calif. – Looking for a great ride when you are short on time or energy? Saddle on up over to Adam Baquera Park to wind your way over to Veterans Memorial Park – North for a quick ride that packs quite a bit of scenery in a short distance. Great for families and kids, it’s also an ideal starting point for extended excursions and as a connector into Pleasant Grove Creek Trail and points beyond.

Depending on your route, this bike ride is a very easy 4-6 mile roundtrip. Plan some extra time as numerous points along this route offer great photo opportunities and general sightseeing fun. You can stick to the paved multi-use paths or explore the several dirt trails that offer close up water views, extra shade breaks and all-around cool vibes.

trails winding among the Blue Oaks in Roseville

Flora & Fauna

Keep your eyes peeled along this route and you will likely be rewarded with sighting of turkeys on full display during mating season. The very shy and elusive white egrets can also be spotted spending time in the creeks and evaporating ponds. Hawks circle over head keeping the rodent population in check. Rattlesnakes slowly stalk prey as squirrels frantically dash under the canopy of the trees.

Come late winter and early spring, flowers of all colors burst onto the scene to adorn the landscape. Be sure to catch the California Poppy during the midday sun as they temporarily open in full display. Blue Oak trees appear lifeless in late summer only to showcase amazing spring blooms as they reclaim their dominance of Roseville Open Spaces. A striking contrast that never fails to amaze.

Adam Baquera Park in Roseville

Change of Seasons

The change of seasons in this small section of Roseville always seem to arrive with a bit more fanfare than anywhere else we’ve experienced around town. The eye-popping autumn colors and falling leaves near Adam Baquera Park come November are a magnificent reminder of the dwindling daylight hours and upcoming holiday season. The winter rains arrive to replenish creeks and vernal ponds as the Blue Oaks slowly awaken from their dry slumber. Springtime unleashes a technicolor of bold greens, yellows, oranges and purples at a furious pace. This magnificent and temporary display begins to yield as temps push upward. During peak summer, you’ll often have the trails completely to yourself to enjoy solitude as California returns to its golden state. Shifting light and shade help denote the seasonal changes. Sunsets here are spectacular throughout the year.

Spring flower bloom in Roseville as Blue Oaks stand guard

Why We Love It!

  • Easy ride or walk!
  • Terrific place to see the goats control the undergrowth!
  • Access to multiple parks, playgrounds with restrooms along the way
  • Connects to multiple community parks!
  • Extending to half-day ride is a breeze!
  • Quiet areas along the creek
  • Convenient access to fun food & drink stops!
Sunset along Roseville trails

Another treasure of Roseville, this ride is a suburban showcase that does an excellent job of integrating nature and community parks into the community for all to enjoy!

For those Biking Roseville, Adam Baquera Park to Veterans Memorial is a standout in any season!

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