California Laws 2021

California New Laws 2021

Sacramento, CA – Part 2 of New California laws for 2021 includes mental health, developmental services, budgeting, education finance, courts, public safety and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for full text access via the California Legislature.

California’s New Laws 2021 – Part 2

SB-76 Education finance: constitutional minimum funding obligation: inflation and cost-of-living adjustments.
SB-77 Higher education trailer bill.
SB-78 Health.
SB-79 Mental health.
SB-80 Human services omnibus.
SB-81 Developmental services.
SB-82 State Government.
SB-83 Employment.
SB-84 Political Reform Act of 1974: online filing system.
SB-85 Public resources: omnibus trailer bill.
SB-86 Department of Pesticide Regulation: chlorpyrifos: quarterly reports.
SB-87 Transportation.
SB-89 Budget Act of 2019.
SB-90 Public employees’ retirement.
SB-92 Taxation.
SB-93 Budget Act of 2018: augmentation.
SB-94 Public Safety: omnibus.
SB-95 Courts.
SB-96 Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Act.
SB-98 Education finance: education omnibus budget trailer bill.
SB-99 General plans: safety element: emergency evacuation routes.
SB-103 State employees: memorandum of understanding.
SB-104 Health.
SB-105 Corrections facilities: financing.
SB-106 Budget Act of 2019.
SB-109 Budget Act of 2019.
SB-112 State government.
SB-113 Housing.
SB-115 Budget Act of 2019: Budget Act of 2020.
SB-116 Postsecondary education trailer bill.
SB-117 Education finance: average daily attendance and timeline waivers: protective equipment and cleaning appropriation: COVID–19.

Coming Up in Part 3 – Charter schools, parole, sex offenders, student financial aid, firearms and more!

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