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Quality of Life makes Placer Tops

Roseville, CA- A glut of grandeur, a surfeit of sunshine, and a plethora of possibilities.

Hyperbole? Well, residents of Placer County don’t think so and neither do we.


Check out the list of 7 Reasons We Love Placer County.

1. The Great Outdoors

Snow-capped mountain peaks, access to scenic and roaring waterways, placid lakes along with great hiking and biking trails are just a few of the reasons Placer County is an outdoor lover’s paradise.

2. The Weather

The central valley’s endless and warm sunshine, the Sierra Nevada’s idyllic summers and snow-filled winters. A little bit of everything all within a quick drive.

3. The Neighborhoods

Friendly people. You know the type that smile, wave and say hello. More than a few times, we’ve heard parts of Placer County referred to as “Pleasantville” like the movie.

Roseville Trails

4. The Convenient Location

Placer County residents love to travel. Being centrally located provides great choice for residents who wish to explore other California treasures. San Francisco, Napa, Lake Tahoe, Monterey, Sonoma and the Bay Area all within easy striking distance for day trips. Even Southern California and the Oregon border are all within a morning’s drive.

5. The Shopping

Wow, we’re always amazed at how people just love to buy stuff and South Placer County is a California shopping mecca. (A top California shopping region).

6. The Entertainment

Placer County has come quite a long way over the past decade. Music, gaming and events that cater to every demographic are thriving from Lake Tahoe to Roseville.

7. Sports and Local Athletics

Great weather, involved parents and competitive spirits provide the perfect ingredients to nurture a thriving youth sports community. Resources and political capital are being expended to make this a continued area draw.

Bonus: Growing Diversity

Much of the region’s success is owed to the growing diversity of the region. An explosion of new perspectives, fresh ideas, entrepreneurship and experienced professionals continue to coalesce into this thriving region.

Bonus: Responsive Governance

Sure, no matter where you live, there’s always something to gripe about. However, in our experience, Placer County and local governance are more responsive to their citizens than most.