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Looking Back when Roseville became First city in the nation to achieve Class 1 rating

Roseville, Calif.- Roseville’s status as the first city in the nation to achieve the highest Class 1 rating for flood protection by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was recognized back on Sept. 29, 2006 during a formal ceremony with federal, state and local officials.

The City’s aggressive flood control work and high development standards earned Roseville top honors from FEMA earlier that year with the added distinction of being the first city in the nation to obtain the federal agency’s Class 1 rating, the highest rank in its Community Rating System for flood protection and flood insurance rates.

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“…part of our efforts to ensure we have a safe and healthy community with a strong identity as one of the best cities in the nation.”

Gina Garbolino

David Maurstad, FEMA’s Director of Mitigation and Federal Insurance Administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, presented Roseville Mayor at the time, Gina Garbolino with a special plaque signifying the City’s Class 1 status.

The ceremony was held next to Roseville’s Adam Baquera Park, with its 103 acres of open space designed for flood protection.ย  Other attendees included Dr. Les Harder, Deputy Director of Public Safety and Business Operations for the California Department of Water Resources, members of the Roseville City Council and Roseville Public Works Director Rob Jensen.

“The City takes flood protection very seriously and the work we’ve accomplished is part of our efforts to ensure we have a safe and healthy community with a strong identity as one of the best cities in the nation,” Mayor Garbolino said.  “The rating and unique distinction by FEMA is the result of several years of careful planning and implementation by our staff.”

$20 million boost

Since 1995, Roseville has spent more than $20 million boosting its level of flood protection with various infrastructure improvements such as floodwalls, improvements to creeks and streams and protecting homes in flood-prone areas.

Community Rating System

FEMA’s Community Rating System is an extensive program that evaluates communities in 18 categories regarding preparedness for a flood event.  The ratings are certified by FEMA, which operates under the Department of Homeland Security, and directly affects flood insurance premiums paid by homeowners.  Homeowners can expect reductions of up to 45 percent on flood insurance premiums due to the Class 1 rating, Jensen said.

“We’ve removed 481 of 569 structures in the 100-year flood plain, and reduced flood risk for 56 others,” Jensen said.  “We’ve also required new development to build above the floodplain, while implementing open space next to key waterways, to further diminish the likelihood of a flood event impacting residents.”

(Article first published 9/30/2006)

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