Prop 68 brings benefits to all for local recreation

Rocklin, Calif. – In 2018, local residents may have opposed Prop 68, but California voters approved it. Fast forward to 2024 and you’ll find residents of all political stripes celebrating the results in the form of Sunset Whitney Recreation Area in Rocklin.

Originally built as a golf course at a time when Rocklin’s population teetered around 1,600, the Sunset Whitney Golf Club became a relic of the 20th century as a failing business, that would eventually turn into a towering weed farm, fire risk, and community albatross.

Springing back to life

The defunct golf course, turned community eyesore has been brought back to life thanks to the City acquiring the property for $5.8 million and funding from Prop 68 that would spur improvements. The Prop 68 signs you’ll see within the park are required by law. The original 184 acres now includes several miles of trails with expansion plans underway.

April 2024

Best seasons to visit

With mostly exposed trails, expect more visitors during the cooler hours at dawn and dusk. Following winter rains, a profusion of colors along with seasonal ponds and creeks make winter and spring exceptional times to visit. There are multiple community entry points, but for practical purposes parking is at the main entrance on Midas Ave.

Sunset Whitney Recreation Area signage

Two sections

Upon entering the park, visitors have choose heading left or right. Both are great options, although we prefer the left loop which came in around two miles with gurgling creeks, small bridges and large open spaces. (former golf fairways)

Many well-maintained and older era ranch homes surround the former golf course and peacefully preside alongside the surrounding tranquility. An idyllic rural feeling may sweep over you as you traverse this segment of Sunset Whitney..

Rocklin Tunnel

Dogs / Trash / Restrooms

Please be respectful of your neighbors and keep your dogs on a leash. Carry in, carry out any trash. There are currently no available restrooms.

Quick Info

Newly opened when we first visited a couple years back, more enhancements and improvements on the way, Sunset Whitney Recreation Area is a Rocklin treasure that should be a golden opportunity for the community for years to come. Plenty of parking is available in the large lot just off Midas Ave. It’s hard to miss the sign.

It’s a wise bet to bring sunscreen, a hat and water. The recreation area currently doesn’t offer amenities, so enjoy the scenery, wildlife and peace and quiet.


Placer County residents voted against Proposition 68 (55.41% against, 44.59% for), a bond measure with a $4 billion price tag. However statewide, Prop 68 would easily pass with 56 percent of the vote and continues to bring immense benefits to Placer County. It is also named the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018.

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