Al Johnson Wildlife Area

Blissful little gem in West Roseville awaits a little polish

Roseville, Calif. – According to the City of Roseville, the Al Johnson Wildlife Area includes rice and dry farming and a small area within the West Roseville Specific Plan contains prime farmland within a pistachio orchard. Cool!

In years past, this rural portion of Western Roseville took a little extra effort to reach along windy, seemingly deserted roads. Cyclists often found their way here for peaceful country rides. Young couples are often spotted with a blanket and picnic basket beneath the shade of a mighty lone oak or two. Fields bursting in flowing, green grass and wildflowers stretch to the horizon on the west, while glimpses of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada provide stark contrast to the east. Songbirds teeming with energy provide the music. It’s quite the blissful place.

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rural Roseville
West Roseville years ago looked quite different than today.

Progress arrives…

Those days of solitude in these parts of Roseville may fast be approaching their end. Development now encroaches the western edge of Placer County. Sitting astride the Amoruso Ranch Project, neighborhoods are now easily within view of this once remote and bucolic escape.

Grassy Meadow and a single tree standing

The Amoruso Ranch Project in West Roseville is slated over 2,800 housing units of mixed density with 50 acres of commercial property, an elementary school and a total of 7 neighborhood parks.

Walking along the Al Johnson Wildlife Area

Al Johnson Wildlife Area

The Al Johnson Wildlife Area is a beautifully, thin slice of local preservation. For now, improvements have yet to be made and access is limited. There’s no parking or improved trails. Cyclists and those on foot can easily access by taking Blue Oaks Blvd into Philips Rd and follow the winding road west until you reach the small yellow gate. It’s hard to miss.

For now, this area sits mostly untouched and it’s fun to imagine the all possibilities to enhance this remarkable little slice of West Roseville. With a few upgrades and some polish this gem of Roseville will really shine!

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