Coyote Pond Park

Scenic suburban hike a springtime favorite

Lincoln, Calif. – Which springtime suburban hike in Lincoln that’s mostly flat with some terrific scenery and can easily be enjoyed with the entire family? The answer is Wilson Park to Coyote Pond Park. An annual favorite that draws us back each spring.

Although Lincoln has added housing developments along the route since we first began taking this hike years ago, it’s still one of our “go to” hikes when we’re chilling out locally and looking to grab some cool outdoor scenery.

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Wilson Park


While we didn’t verify distance, we estimate the roundtrip hike will probably clock in at approximately 5 miles. Choose a starting point that matches your own ambition! Wilson Park is our preferred starting point since Coyote Pond Park is a fun and beautiful place to settle at for the halfway point. You can also reach Coyote Pond directly and parking is available.

Starting Point – Wilson Park

At the end of the parking lot, the paved trail begins. Stay to your right and you’re on your way. The first short stretch will take you some past open space with a patchwork of grassland that resembles marshland in the wet season. It’s a popular playground for the avian community.

(Rattlesnake slithers away)

In short order, you’ll cross over Oak Valley Drive into one of the nicest suburban nature preserves in the area. The paved trail leads you past a babbling brook and seasonal ponds as you begin a short ascent through majestic oaks and lightly forested hills. This is a fun area for exploration, but keep a close eye out for rattlesnakes.

Coyote Pond Park

Following your descent and as you approach the neighborhood be sure to take the trail split toward the left near the wooden fences. Just before you reach this neighborhood, hang a right onto the trail which will take you through more open space until you reach Eastridge Drive. Swing right and pick the trail back up at Old Kenmare Road. This portion of the trail will take you to scenic Coyote Pond. Loop around and trace your steps back to Wilson Park.

Spring in Lincoln

This route is very easy for most. A good portion of the trail appears wheelchair accessible. Choose a distance that suits your needs. Doing a quick Google search for Wilson Park to Coyote Pond Park using the earth view will help you visualize the trail and provide you with an easy overview of the route.

Quick Tips

As always, bring plenty of water and sunscreen as this trail can get a bit toasty in the warmer months.

Playgrounds and restrooms at both locations provide the perfect start and end points for those with young children or full bladders.

The next time you’re looking to get out for a couple hours and don’t feel like driving far, Wilson Park to Coyote Pond is easily one of the top suburban hikes of Placer County.

Perfect for both workdays and weekends.

Coyote Pond in Lincoln, Calif.

Coyote Pond and Wilson Park

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