New California Laws

New California Laws 2024: Part 5

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 5 in New California Laws for 2024 includes laws currently chaptered in the 2023-24 legislative session. This installment includes laws on state park reservations, grocery workers, cannabis testing, voting ballots, elder abuse and more.

For full and specific text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

New California Laws 2024 (part 5)

BILLBrief Description
AB-592Vehicles: commercial nonfranchise solid waste haulers: pilot program.
AB-594Labor Code: alternative enforcement.
AB-600Criminal procedure: resentencing.
AB-604Mobilehome parks: water utility charges.
AB-606California Endangered Species Act: accidental take: farms or ranches.
AB-607Public postsecondary education: course materials.
AB-611Special education: nonpublic, nonsectarian schools or agencies: change in certification status: parental notification.
AB-618State parks: reservations.
AB-621Workersโ€™ compensation: special death benefit.
AB-623Cannabis: THC testing variances.
AB-626Voting: returning vote by mail ballots in person.
AB-630Department of Transportation: contracts: tribes.
AB-631Oil and gas: enforcement: penalties.
AB-633Nursing: licensure: retired licenses.
AB-634Community colleges: career development and college preparation courses.
AB-636Employers: agricultural employees: required disclosures.
AB-641Automobile dismantlers: catalytic converters.
AB-645Vehicles: speed safety system pilot program.
AB-647Grocery workers.
AB-648Common interest developments: procedures: meetings by teleconference.
AB-652Department of Pesticide Regulation Environmental Justice Advisory Committee.
AB-655Fish and wildlife: aquatic invasive species: Caulerpa.
AB-656California State University: doctoral programs.
AB-658Public employment: retirement: benefits.
AB-659Cancer Prevention Act.
AB-663Pharmacy: mobile units.
AB-664California Safe Drinking Water Act.
AB-665Minors: consent to mental health services.
AB-671CalHome Program: accessory dwelling units.
AB-678Biomethane procurement targets or goals: core transport agents.
AB-682State Water Resources Control Board: online search tool: funding applications.
AB-690Legal document assistants and unlawful detainer assistants.
AB-700California Firefighter Cancer Prevention and Research Program.
AB-701Controlled substances: fentanyl.
AB-706Leasing of public lands: minerals other than oil and gas.
AB-709Criminal history information.
AB-712CalFresh: hot and prepared foods.
AB-714Pupil instruction: newcomer pupils: curriculum frameworks: high school coursework and graduation requirements: exemptions and alternatives.
AB-716Ground medical transportation.
AB-721School districts: budgets: public hearings: notice.
AB-722Alameda Health System Hospital Authority.
AB-723Pupil placement: special education: foster children: nonpublic, nonsectarian schools or agencies: school of origin.
AB-724Firearms: safety certificate instructional materials.
AB-725Firearms: reporting of lost and stolen firearms.
AB-732Crimes: relinquishment of firearms.
AB-744California Transportation Commission: data, modeling, and analytic software tools procurement.
AB-750Menace to public health: closure by law enforcement.
AB-751Elder abuse.

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New California Laws

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