Rain and Wind in Roseville

Roseville could see as much as 28% of annual rainfall

Roseville, Calif.- Strong winds and heavy rain arrived in Roseville and are being welcomed by residents following an exceptionally dry year that has depleted reservoirs and stoked massive wildfires in the west.

With the National Weather Service posting flood advisories and winter storm warnings throughout much of Northern California, Roseville families and residents can be found braving the wet and windy conditions to explore and enjoy the season’s first major storm.

Roseville Today 10-25-21

Dry Creek Community Park
Vernal Pool in west Roseville
West Roseville open spaces
Dry Creek following storm
“Down on the Bayou”

Roseville Today 10-24-21

Rainfall Totals

In Roseville, strong winds have uprooted trees, while creek beds which were baked bone dry just a few days ago are rapidly filling with some already approaching the top of their banks as of Sunday morning. A total of 2- 6 inches of rain are expected by Tuesday in the Sacramento Valley. Roseville’s annual average rainfall is 21 inches.

Seasonal stream in Roseville, CA following heavy rains
Seasonal streams in Roseville return to life.
Downed trees and branches throughout Roseville
Many downed branches and trees throughout Roseville
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