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Roseville Police are warning of recent “pranks” that caused property damage, and could have caused serious injuries. On February 18, someone stretched clear plastic wrap across the roadway on Country Club Drive near Junction Bulevard. A motorist swerved to avoid the plastic wrap and collided with another object, breaking her vehicle’s windshield.

“That was a really stupid and dangerous prank,” Police Captain Stan Lumsden said. “We’re fortunate that only property was damaged. If a motorcyclist had collided with the plastic, he or she could have been knocked off the motorcycle and seriously injured.”

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Someone created a similarly hazardous condition recently on an off-road bicycle path near Blue Oaks Boulevard. Two local bicyclists reported encountering clear fishing line strung across the bike path. The fishing line caused the cyclists to fall. Fortunately, the cyclists were not injured.

Captain Lumsden said, “We don’t know if the people creating these hazards have really thought about the consequences of their actions. They need to know that these pranks are dangerous. If these so-called pranks injure someone, the responsible parties can be arrested for felony assault. If they cause property damage, like a broken windshield, the perpetrators can be arrested for vandalism. At the very least, the pranksters can be charged with littering and setting boobytraps. These dangerous pranks must stop.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Roseville Police Department at (916)774-5070, or Roseville Crime Stoppers at (916)783-STOP.

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