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Attempting to fill oxycontin prescriptions

Rocklin, Calif.- On Wednesday afternoon, a male subject entered two different grocery stores with pharmacies in Rocklin attempting to fill oxycontin prescriptions.ย  Alert pharmacy employees however spoiled his plans.

The subject first entered the Bel Air Market at 2341 Sunset Blvd.  He handed over what turned out to be a forged prescription and after questioning by the suspicious pharmacy employee he left.  The employee notified other pharmacies in the area providing a description of the subject and called police.

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About an hour and a half later, a male subject entered the Safeway Market at 2220 Sunset Blvd.  He handed over another forged prescription.  The employee recognized the subject by the description given by first pharmacy employee and called police.

Police arrived and arrested Brandon Lee Welsh, 21 years, Rocklin, for burglary, passing an altered prescription, and forgery.  He is being held on $17,500 bail

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