Folsom water rebates

Designed to reduce residential water use

Folsom, CA – The City of Folsom announced two new programs designed to reduce residential water use, including a “cash for grass” rebate program and a smart home water monitoring system rebate.

The new incentive programs are part of the city’s efforts to help the community be more efficient with water use. Folsom is under a Stage 3 water conservation warning, and water customers are required to reduce water use by 20%.

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Cash for Grass

The Cash for Grass – Turf Replacement Rebate Program provides incentives to City of Folsom water customers for converting water-thirsty lawns to water-efficient landscapes. The City of Folsom will rebate customers $1 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with a water-efficient landscape, up to $2,000 per address.

“The city’s rebate programs will help our water customers reduce water use, lower utility bills, and help preserve our precious water resources”

Marcus Yasutake

Smart home water monitoring system


The City of Folsom now offers a new smart home water monitoring system rebate program. A Flume Smart Home Water Monitor works with any water meter and is easily self-installed in minutes. The corresponding app allows users to virtually view and monitor indoor and outdoor water use from anywhere, at any time.

This increased visibility provides complete home protection by catching and alerting users of leaks as they happen. The city is offering residents a rebate to purchase the device for $75 plus tax (a nearly 63% savings). Once installed and activated, the customer will also receive a $25 refund from Flume.

“As California continues to experience severe drought, it’s important that we support our community as we work together to save water,” said Environmental and Water Resources Director Marcus Yasutake. “The city’s rebate programs will help our water customers reduce water use, lower utility bills, and help preserve our precious water resources.”

Additional Folsom water conservation rebate programs

  • Irrigation Efficiency Upgrade Rebate. Water customers can upgrade current outdoor irrigation systems with efficient equipment, including weather-based or soil-moisture-sensing irrigation controllers, rotary sprinkler nozzles, and a drip system retrofit.
  • High-Efficiency Toilet Rebates. Replacing toilets with high-efficiency versions can save 19+ gallons of water per person, per day. Customers can save up to $175 with the city’s high-efficiency toilet rebates.
  • Smart Controller Rebate. The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller acts like a thermostat for sprinklers and saves water by adjusting how long sprinklers run based on the current temperature. The city offers water customers a rebate to purchase the controller for a reduced rate of $75 plus tax (a nearly 65% savings).

  • Find more ways to reduce water use, schedule a Water-Wise House Call, or learn more about rebates at

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