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Requirement effective August 30th

Folsom, CA – The City of Folsom announced today that its water customers will be required to reduce water use by 20%, effective Monday, August 30.

Folsom City Manager Elaine Andersen issued a Stage 3 water conservation declaration to conserve water and protect the city’s water supply.





New mandatory water use restrictions for residences and businesses include:

  • Landscape watering is limited to two designated days per week.
  • Washing of parking lots, streets, driveways, or sidewalks is prohibited.
  • The use of city water for construction purposes without city approval is prohibited.
  • Restaurants are required to only serve water upon request.

Folsom Lake 15 Percent projection

The City of Folsom receives its water supply from the American River at Folsom Lake. Lake storage levels are lower than historic drought conditions in 2014 and 2015, and this is currently the second driest year on record since 1977. The lake is now at 24% capacity, and the Bureau of Reclamation and Department of Water Resources project that by December 2021, the lake will reach 15% capacity.

Landscaping up to 60% of city water use

Landscape watering is the single most significant use of water and accounts for up to 60% of citywide water use. The City of Folsom is implementing the following landscape watering restrictions for its water customers:

  • Landscape watering is limited to a maximum of two days per week, except for drip irrigation, which may be conducted on any day.
  • The city is implementing an odd-even schedule:
    * Customers with street addresses that end with an odd number may irrigate only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
    * Customers with street addresses that end with an even number may irrigate only on Wednesdays and Sundays.
    * No irrigation is permitted on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Water customers are asked to avoid excessive watering that runs off onto sidewalks, streets, and gutters. An exception will be made if there are two or more consecutive days with temperatures above 100 degrees.

“While the city has the adequate water supply and water rights to meet our needs, we must work together to conserve and preserve our precious water resources amid California’s historic drought.

Elaine Andersen, Folsom City Manager
Folsom Lake

Public Property Water Conservation

In addition, the City of Folsom is taking multiple steps to conserve water on public property by 20%, including:

  • Reduce watering in parks. Dry, distressed grass may be seen in some areas of parks. High traffic areas, including sports fields, will remain green for public use; however, watering in those areas may be cut back as conditions warrant.
  • Reduce water usage in public streetscapes.
  • Continue to monitor and correct any runoff problems on public property.
  • Temporarily discontinue flushing of fire hydrants and water lines.

Water Conservation Programs, Services, and Rebates

The City of Folsom Water Conservation Division is committed to helping water customers use water efficiently, including:

  • Free Water-Wise House Calls.
  • Large landscape irrigation and commercial water audits.
  • Water efficiency rebates.

Rebates are available to help water customers save water and money. Current city rebates include irrigation efficiency upgrades, high-efficiency toilet upgrades, and a Rachio Smart Controller program in conjunction with the Regional Water Authority.

Folsom water customers can track water use by reviewing Folsom utility bills or by downloading the City of Folsom’s water conservation app, Dropcountr.

Water meters are a valuable resource. Reading your water meter will tell you how much water you are using and whether you have a leak.

How to read a city water meter

Learn more about water conservation and rebate programs on the City of Folsom website. Report water waste with customer service tool SeeClickFix Folsom.

Find ways to reduce water use, schedule a Water-Wise House Call, or learn more about rebates at www.folsom.ca.us/WaterConservation.

For more information, call 916-461-6177 or email [email protected]. To report a water emergency after business hours, call 916-461-6400.

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