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Ammunition train explosion rocks Roseville

Roseville, Calif.- On April 28, 1973, an ammunition train explosion destroyed much of the Roseville rail yard and sent debris flying for miles into surrounding Roseville neighborhoods.

The train, which totaled 103 cars (with 21 containing bombs), arrived at the Antelope receiving yards in Roseville at 6:30 AM. 7,000 bombs (about 300 per car) were being transported over Donner Summit on their way to the Navy Depot in the Bay Area.

At around 8:00 AM, the bombs started exploding.

The massive explosions sent huge plumes of smoke rising into the air, destroyed buildings, mangled rail sections, and left huge craters in the ground. Windows were shattered 3-4 miles away. Thousands gathered on nearby roads and Interstate 80 to view the event.

Around 50 people were injured but no deaths occurred.

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