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Definitive seller’s market

Sacramento, Calif.- As a seasoned real estate professional in Sacramento, I’ve witnessed the remarkable shift in the housing market – turning into what we now recognize as a definitive seller’s market. This transformation is not just a fleeting trend; it’s a significant movement, reflective of the dynamic real estate landscape of our beloved city.

Nearly 100% Success at or Above Asking Price

The most telling sign of Sacramento’s seller’s market is the astounding fact that nearly 100% of homes in the area have sold at, or above, their asking prices. This incredible statistic isn’t just about numbers; it represents a broader story of demand outpacing supply. Buyers are keenly aware that the opportunity to own a piece of Sacramento is now more competitive than ever, driving them to meet, and often exceed, seller expectations.

Why It’s a Seller’s Market

Several key factors contribute to this seller-centric shift:

1. Low Inventory Levels: Sacramento, like many regions, is experiencing historically low levels of housing inventory. Fewer homes on the market mean more competition among buyers, often resulting in bidding wars that push sale prices above the listed rates.

2. Attractive Interest Rates: Despite fluctuations, interest rates have been relatively attractive, encouraging more buyers to enter the market. This influx of buyers, coupled with limited housing options, tilts the balance in favor of sellers.

3. Desirability of Sacramento: Sacramento’s appeal has grown exponentially, thanks to its vibrant community, business opportunities, and quality of life. This increasing desirability makes it a hotspot for buyers, further intensifying the competition for available homes.

4. Economic Resilience: The local economy has shown resilience and growth, instilling confidence in buyers who see long-term value in investing in Sacramento real estate.

Advice for Sellers

In such a market, sellers have the upper hand, but strategy still matters. Pricing your home correctly, ensuring it’s in its best condition, and working with an experienced real estate agent like myself can make a significant difference. We at MagnumOne Realty understand the nuances of this market and can guide you in maximizing your home’s value and achieving a successful sale.


In summary, Sacramento’s real estate market is experiencing a powerful shift towards sellers. Understanding this dynamic, along with strategic planning and professional guidance, can lead to exceptional outcomes for sellers in our community.

If you’re considering selling your home in Sacramento, now might be the ideal time to make your move. Let’s connect and discuss how we can harness this market trend to your advantage.

Julie Jalone, MagnumOne Realty

Julie Jalone

Julie Jalone of Magnum One Realty in Roseville

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