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Chevy Equinox an underdog amid compact SUVs

The Equinox has lots of upside. It features a roomy cabin, solid handling, and uncomplicated infotainment system. Yet its downside remains the same - modest-at-best performance and underwhelming interior.

Hard to find fault with 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS

Roseville, Calif.- It's difficult to find a legitimate flaw with the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS, a full-size, three-row luxury sport utility vehicle that seats seven passengers.

Roseville Housing Market Update May 4, 2022

Roseville, Calif. - Increasing mortgage rates over the next few weeks are diminishing affordability for a greater number of potential home buyers this spring.

Honda Passport exceeds expectations

The Honda Passport's rebirth has it shorter and taller than the company's largest SUV, the Pilot, a well-designed and popular three-row crossover.

Volunteers Raising Service Dogs for People with Disabilities

Canine Companions® provides expertly trained service dogs for children, adults and veterans with

Toyota Tundra gets major redesign

Major improvements and a modernized interior Roseville, Calif.- Meet the new Tundra. The Toyota full-sized truck has been transformed following its first major redesign in...

Mazda CX-9 still among class leaders

Appealing and Solid Performing Midsize SUV Roseville, Calif.- There's always been a lot to admire regarding Mazda's largest and most expensive SUV - the CX-9. It...

Insomnia, Sleep On It and Feel Refreshed

Insomnia, a difficulty either falling or staying asleep, is America's #1 health related problem. Sacramento, Calif.- A sleep study showed that 47% of adults and 57%...

All-new Ioniq 5 a highly-capable electric SUV

Performance, comfort, and solid tech just a few of the highlights Roseville, Calif.- There's so much to like about the all-new 2022 Ioniq 5 that...

Autism inspires Roseville student toward career path

Brother with Autism Inspires Sibling Roseville, Calif.- As I feel the sunshine peer in my window, I open my eyes to see a plate of...