Election 2020

Decades-long Evidence Shows Safety in Voting

Roseville, CA- The past few years, conspiracy theorists, “news” channels and political ideologues have worked tirelessly at trying to discredit almost every institution of our representative democracy. While it is imperative for citizens to scrutinize and hold government accountable, it is equally imperative to strive for accuracy in information.

On the national level, manufactured claims sans evidence of millions of illegal votes and a rigged election have been widely and thoroughly debunked there’s no point in rehashing it here.



At the local level, we wanted to learn what Placer County’s experience with voter fraud has been. For this, we turned to Ryan Ronco, Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters. Ryan has been working in Placer County Elections office for 27 years. Here’s what we found out.

Voter Fraud in Placer County

NO Evidence of Intercepted Ballot Fraud

“I have worked for this office for 27 years and for at least the last 20 years (it could be longer) we have been calling or emailing voters with mismatched signatures to investigate vote fraud. In that entire time we have not had a voter tell us that someone unknown to the voter intercepted the voter’s ballot and committed vote fraud.” – Ryan Ronco

By the Letter of the Law, Yes

“Every election we find many instances of spouses in a hurry asking their partners to “sign for me” when completing the vote by mail envelope. When a member of a household forges another person’s signature for expediency or laziness, that’s vote fraud by the letter of the law.” -Ryan Ronco

Signature Matching

“We are required by state law to match the signature on the outside of each voter’s vote by mail ballot envelope against the signature the voter gave us on his/her voter registration card before we can open the voter’s envelope and count the ballot inside. That’s not a percentage or a random sample – that’s every signature on every envelope in every election.”

Ryan Ronco, Placer County Clerk– Registrar of Voters


Technically, you can find evidence of voter fraud in any election. A closer look reveals most is quickly resolved and Placer County currently finds zero evidence of malicious intent to commit voter fraud.

Vote by mail or vote in person and let your voice be heard!

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