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The City of Roseville celebrated the completion of the city’s Water Meter Retrofit Project that started over 10 years ago.ย  Sixteen thousand water meters later, the last water meter was installedย by Mayor Pauline Roccucci at a celebration event in north Roseville.

The completion of the Water Meter Retrofit Project is a significant water efficiency accomplishment for the city and will be another water management tool that customers can use to track their water use and in many cases save money on their utility bills.

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The Water Meter Retrofit Program was started in July 2001 after three years of planning and preparation.  The project was originally scoped at $10 million to complete.  Funds to pay for the program were originally planned to be collected through a special surcharge on services requiring improvements for a 10 year period.

Roseville received nearly $3 million worth of equipment and materials from the US Army Corp of Engineers.  This additional funding allowed Roseville to expand the program to gain additional efficiencies as well as quitting surcharge collection nearly 2 years early.

At the event, Roseville Mayor Pauline Roccucci stated, “Installing water meters is an important tool that helps our water customers understand their water usage and in some cases, lower their utility bill.”  Adding, “But more importantly, becoming a fully metered city, helps define Roseville and the region as leaders in water use efficiency in this state. Roseville and the region take water efficiency seriously. It is our obligation to always keep future generations in mind.”

The completion of the Water Meter Retrofit Project is a significant investment in water efficiency by Roseville and complements its other water efficiency investments made over many years.  Other investments include a wide range of water efficiency rebates, a popular Water Wise House Call Program and Roseville’s groundbreaking Cash for Grass turf replacement rebate program.

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