St Mary's Church being moved in Rocklin
The moving of Old St Mary's back in 2005 was a catalyst of change.

Advocating and educating on local history

Rocklin, Calif. – Through the years, the Rocklin Historical Society has played a vital role in helping to protect part of the past while helping to shape modern day Rocklin. From the preservation and restoration of Old St. Mary’s Church in 2005, to the motif adopted throughout the core of Rocklin, the RHS continues to educate and advocate (often behind the scenes) on the benefits of honoring the community’s heritage as the city steps into the future.

Comprised of tireless and passionate volunteers, these fellow residents and neighbors help highlight the past to guide and shape the community moving forward.

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The mission of the Rocklin Historical Society is to generate community interest and support for preservation of the history of Rocklin and to promote and encourage volunteerism and charitable gifts for these purposes.

Rocklin History Museum

3895 Rocklin Road
Rocklin, Calif. 95677
(916) 624-3464
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