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During these tough economic times, the City of Rocklin wants to ensure that it can continue to support its 5 community parks and 25 neighborhood parks. On August 25th, 2009, Rocklin voters will be asked in an all mail ballot Special Municipal Election to approve Measure A, which would extend the Park Maintenance and Development Act for another 10 years at the same amount citizens have already been paying. 

Following are frequently asked questions about Measure A:

What is the history of the park assessment?
In 1987, over 1,500 residents petitioned the City Council and asked for a park maintenance and development assessment.  In response, the council established the Rocklin Park Maintenance and Development District and an assessment was levied to fund the district.   In 1998, the assessment was converted to a special tax in the same amount as the prior assessment.  Rocklin voters approved the Park Maintenance and Development Act of 1998 with over 70% voting to extend the park funding another 10 years.

The current special tax expires in June of this year. The City Council has called for a special election by mail ballot only for August 25th, 2009. This election asks Rocklin voters to approve Measure A, extending the Park Maintenance and Development Act of 1998 for another 10 years at the same amount citizens have paid for the last 20 years.

Will this increase my taxes?
No.  Measure A extends the existing park funding which has been collected for the past 20 years.  Approval of the measure will provide an ongoing funding source for City parks without increasing any taxes. Nothing changes.

Will this increase my Mello-Roos taxes?
No. The August election will not affect your Mello-Roos in any way.

What about seniors who are often on a fixed income?
Measure A allows seniors to request a reduction to $10 a year. That amount is unchanged from the existing tax rates.

How many parks do we have in Rocklin?
The City has 5 large community parks and 25 neighborhood parks. Rocklin city parks offer 40 children’s playgrounds, 11 lighted baseball diamonds, 3 lighted soccer fields, 4 lighted multi-purpose fields, 6 lighted tennis courts, 3 water parks, a skateboard park, a roller hockey rink, a Frisbee golf course, picnic grounds, walkways, restrooms, snack bars, and open turf areas. Rocklin is well known for its superior park system.

Doesn’tt the City have enough money to take care of our parks?
City revenues have fallen dramatically because of the bad economy. In April of this year, the City was forecasting a $5.7 million dollar general fund deficit and was diligently looking for ways to balance the budget.ย ย  We have seen a $4 million dollar drop in revenues this fiscal year, and expect a further $2.5 million reduction in the next fiscal year. Employees will be asked to take pay cuts and make other concessions to help balance the budget, but layoffs remain likely. If this measure does not pass, there will not be any “extra” general fund money to divert to our parks.

Can’t the City cut maintenance costs?
It has.ย  The City has contracted mowing and landscaping out to a private company, reduced staff, reduced benefits, cut purchases, and delayed purchasing new equipment.

Do registration fees for Little League, Soccer and Girls Softball pay for maintenance?
No, the registration fees paid to the youth sports groups do not pay for park maintenance, although the youth sports groups do help pay for some of the electricity.

How much would I pay for this park funding?
Ballot Measure A does not change the current yearly amount you pay – $30 per year for single-family homes, $20 per year for apartments/condos, and $10 per year for mobile homes and qualified seniors.

What will happen if the voters don’t extend this funding?
Possible results include reduced maintenance, less watering and mowing, increased fees to youth groups, reduced water park hours, decline in the quality of the parks, delayed or no replacement of outdated playground structures and possibly even park closures. Actual program reductions would be determined by the City Council.ย 

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