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Rocklin, Calif.- A dead bat, recently discovered in the backyard of a Rocklin resident in the 2700 block of Klamath Drive, tested positive for rabies.ย  Upon discovery, the resident did the right thing and contacted Rocklin Animal Control.ย  The bat was taken to Placer County Animal Services in Dewitt Center, Auburn, and was submitted for lab testing.

On February 28th the resident, who has three dogs, was concerned about rabies and her dogs possible contact with the bat.  Fortunately the dogs had all been vaccinated for rabies within the last 3 years which allows for their home quarantine of 30 days rather than quarantined at the animal shelter for a lengthy period of 6 months. 

If a dog owner does not have a proper rabies vaccination for their dog and the dog needs to be quarantined at the animal shelter the dog owner is responsible for the cost of the shelter quarantine.  Those costs can be quite high. 

The Rocklin Police Department stresses the importance of having your dog properly vaccinated and licensed.  A proper vaccination is required by state law and a dog license is required by the City of Rocklin Municipal Code.  It is equally important to have your cat vaccinated.

The Center for Disease Control website has information regarding rabies and how rabies can be prevented. Basic tips include teaching children not to handle unfamiliar animals, to wash any animal-inflicted wound thoroughly and to seek medical attention for such a wound.

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