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Auburn, Calif.ย – At its June 16 meeting, the Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) Board of Directors authorized the execution of an agreement with the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) to provide dispatch and control room services for PCWA’s Middle Fork Project (MFP). The agreement takes effect in 2018, when PCWA’s existing power sales contract with Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) terminates.

In order to provide their services, NCPA will be designated as PCWA’s Scheduling Agent with the California ISO. NCPA will provide around-the-clock monitoring and response operations, while PCWA’s Energy Marketing staff will continue to optimize and schedule power generation. The new contract represents a savings of approximately $1 million, annually, for the Middle Fork Project Joint Powers Authority.ย 

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Summer Fun Starts Here!

Summer Fun Starts Here!

“PCWA and Placer County staff have been actively exploring dispatch center options for the MFP since 2014,” General Manager Einar Maisch said. “NCPA’s market knowledge and hydroelectric generation experience will provide a strategic benefit to the MFP.”


In other news, PCWA unveiled a new video, which answers the commonly asked question – from where do PCWA customers get their water? The video, produced in a “Doodle” animation format, briefly details the Agency’s history, mission, and water supply portfolio. Where Does My Water Come From? is part one, of a planned three-part series, that highlights PCWA’s unique role in California’s water operations.ย ย 

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