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Seeking top students for STEM careers and the Navy’s $180,000 ROTC Scholarship

Lincoln, Calif.- Navy Outreach and Diversity leaders will visit Lincoln High School in Lincoln, CA today, Wednesday, Jan. 31, in search of high-ability students who have what it takes to excel in high-demand STEM fields, such as nuclear engineering, cryptology, IT and health care.

The Navy also will share information about its $180,000 ROTC Scholarship Program, which pays full college tuition for students with exceptional academic and leadership credentials. The main attraction will be the Nimitz, a mobile, state-of the-art virtual reality experience that simulates an actual high-speed Navy SEAL mission.

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“It is important for today’s high school students to understand that a Navy STEM career offers an exceptional future.”

Commander Dominique Jackson, Navy Diversity and Outreach

“We are extremely excited to spend time at Lincoln High School, meeting with exceptional students and faculty, and discussing the great opportunities available in today’s Navy,” adds Commander Dominique Jackson.

The Nimitz Virtual Reality Experience

So, what exactly happens inside the mobile, 18-wheeler, Nimitz virtual reality experience? Participants go through a video briefing before strapping on an Oculus Rift headset and a piece of wearable technology called a SubPac (traditionally used by Club DJs) that percusses in real time to the sounds of the mission. Participants navigate the mission using a cutting-edge steering wheel and throttle system that replicate the actual sensation of piloting a high-speed SWCC boat while extracting SEALs. Once finished, participants move to the debriefing station, where they receive feedback and a performance grade.

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