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Douglas Wayne McCauleyย picked on Fry’s Electronics once too often

After being convicted by a jury for stealing electronics equipment from the  Fry’s store in Roseville and after admitting on the court record to four prior theft convictions, including two at Fry’s in Sacramento, the 45-year-old Lincoln resident was banned Tuesday by a judge from setting foot in Fry’s stores.

‘He is not to go to any Fry’s worldwide,’ said Placer County Superior Court Judge James D. Garbolino, who placed the defendant on five years felony probation, ordered him to serve 60 days in jail and suspended another 120 days of incarceration.

McCauley can apply for alternative sentencing on his 60-day jail term and he must pay $1,905 in fines and restitution, the judge ordered.

Garbolino called McCauley’s shoplifting crimes a ‘psychological problem’ that he felt could be helped through counseling.

‘The conduct in this case is pretty much inexplicable,’ the judge said while noting that everything else in the defendant’s life seemed ‘mainstream or above.’

He warned McCauley that if he slipped up again while on probation, ‘it’s probably not going to be taken well.’

The latest theft, which involved the taking of keyboard components, occurred on July 7, 2008, from the Fry’s store in Roseville.

A Placer County jury convicted McCauley on felony charges of commercial burglary and petty theft with a prior.

Prosecutor Carl Mayhew of the Placer County District Attorney’s Office said a lifetime ban from an entire chain of stores is ‘very unusual.’

‘But this case certainly cried out for it,’ he said.

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