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Folsom, Calif. – The City of Folsom and Sacramento County announced a settlement today over plans to expand Mather Airport.ย 

At a closed session meeting Tuesday, the Folsom City Council authorized the City Attorney to proceed with a settlement agreement that resolves a lawsuit filed by the City in September 2014 over Sacramento County’s adoption of the Mather Airport Master Plan and related environmental documents.

The Folsom City Council and Sacramento County Board of Supervisors have agreed to terms acceptable to both parties. 

Under the terms of the settlement, the City of Folsom, with the County’s technical assistance, will explore alternative flight paths into Mather Airport that have the potential to reduce noise impacts in the City.  The County has agreed to cooperate with the City as it explores alternative flight paths, with the FAA, the cargo carriers and surrounding communities while informing air cargo carriers that noise issues are a priority of the City of Folsom. The City of Folsom will also identify improved nighttime noise abatement procedures to reduce noise exposure for flights into Mather Airport during nighttime and early morning hours.

In addition, the County of Sacramento has agreed to not sue the City of Folsom based on Mather-related issues-including the planned development south of Highway 50- provided aviation easements remain in place in the newly annexed area of Folsom. 

“The City and County will work cooperatively and in good faith to reduce noise impacts, identify alternative flight paths into Mather Airport and to reexamine the nighttime noise abatement procedures,” said Mayor Andy Morin.  “The settlement strikes a balance, with the mutual goals of minimizing noise impacts in the City from cargo jets and offering relief for Folsom residents who are impacted by noise while recognizing the County’s desire to implement the approved Mather Airport Master Plan.”

“It’s satisfying to know that local governments, including the City of Folsom and County of Sacramento, can work to resolve our differences without costly litigation,” said Phil Serna, Chairman of the Sacramento Board of Supervisors.

A formal settlement will be prepared and signed by the parties in next several weeks.

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