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Permits will be required to meet Title 24 regulations

Auburn, Calif. – Big changes to state building requirements will take effect for new projects in Placer County next year.

The California Building Standards Code — also known as Title 24 — will soon mandate energy storage system readiness on all new home construction; accessory structures such as sheds and barns will need to be built out of fire-resistive material when located within 50 feet of a property line; and builders must pre-install safety features to accommodate aging occupants among many other changes coming in the new year.





Starting Jan. 1, Placer County’s Building Services Division will require permits to meet the 2022 Title 24 regulations, which set uniform standards for the construction and maintenance of buildings, electrical systems, plumbing systems, mechanical systems and life safety systems. The code is routinely updated every three years.

There will also be requirements to either pre-install or reserve space for future features such as a heat pump water heater or energy storage system. The code will also require electric stovetops and clothes dryer outlets. Affecting Placer County’s higher elevation communities such as Lake Tahoe, the code will also require structures be designed to restrict the shedding of snow onto walkways, exits, decks or adjoining structures.

New homes must also ensure safety for aging occupants. For example, sheetrock walls will need to be reinforced so that grab rails can be easily installed, and electrical outlets will need to be placed at easy-to-reach heights.

“The Building Services Division has been working diligently to become familiar with the 2022 codes to maintain the best customer service to Placer County property owners, designers and contractors,” Building Services Manager Randall Befort said. “This will aid in providing safe and sustainable homes and structures for years to come.”

Detailed information on the state’s adoption of Title 24 and all amendments to the code can be accessed on the California Department of General Services website.

Permit applications submitted to the Building Services Division prior to Dec. 31 will fall under the 2019 standards.

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