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Dennis Godby, ND

It’s a Toxic World, and Our Bodies Have to Deal With It

Our bodies absorb or ingest toxins on a daily basis from our: food, air, homes, water, drugs and medications, which dramatically affect our health.
Daniel J Vance

Elderly with disabilities

The 2000 U.S. Census reported that 14 million Americans over age 65 had either a mental, physical, sensory, self-care or mobility disability. As for Stone Harbor, New Jersey, U.S. Postal Service Letter

2012 Acura RDX, a standout luxury crossover

It's a veritable all-star lineup that features some industry favorites like the BMW X3, Infiniti EX35, Mercedes-Benz GLK350, Audi Q5, and the Volvo XC60.
Daniel J Vance

Flip Schulke

Occasionally, I feature famous people. Although likely not recognizing the name of Flip Schulke of West Palm Beach, Florida, you certainly would recognize his photographs. He is one of America's greatest photographers.
2019 Lexus UX-250h

Lexus UX 250h a sporty new SUV

Lexus now offers three versions of an SUV hybrid Roseville, CA- From this vantage point, the opinion has...

Honda Civic offers diverse lineup of gas-saving compacts

Much like its bigger brother - the Accord - the Honda Civic is no longer undisputed king of the hill.
Realtor Julie Jalone

New Mortgage Rules

Roseville Realtor, Julie Jalone, writes about the new "qualified mortgage" rules and how they may hurt the current housing market recovery.

Ford adds some much-needed muscle to its F-150

Give the braintrust at Ford credit for listening to their customers and critics in regards to its Ford F Series trucks. Enough of them complained about a lack of power that Ford took the problem head on in developing the Ford F-150, a full-size pickup truck

Acura ILX: Luxury Vehicle, Reasonable Price

For car shoppers looking for an upscale luxury sedan that doesn't arrive with a luxurious price tag, Acura debuted the ILX a year ago and its back for 2014 virtually unchanged

Strong competition for Toyota Tundra

Roseville, CA- Toyota hopes to attract more buyers this year to the 2017 Toyota Tundra with its strong reliability and resale value.