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Anxiety Over Matching the American Ideal

Not long ago, I had an interesting telephone conversation with a reader in another state concerning what he thought was a physical abnormality. This may seem strange to call

Go Make a Friend Today

Not long ago, I asked a nonprofit group involved in assisting people with disabilities to consider helping out an elderly person with certain physical limitations.

Baseball Great Should be in the Hall of Fame

At least once annually, I offer my best "pitch" for the late, rocket-armed, speedy William "Dummy" Hoy and for his induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Deborah Lofink and Autism

Only weeks ago I wrote a column about a dedicated woman raising her child with autism. Due to a healthy response to that column, here is another about autism, yet with a twist.

Foreclosures Increase

Sacramento Realtor, Julie Jalone who owes MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, explains why lenders may be more interested in short sales than ever before.

Coronavirus and our Housing Market

Declining values and lower offers projected Roseville, CA- When the initial shelter in place orders were delivered in California, real estate was not an essential...

Toyota Sequoia due for makeover

Toyota Sequoia behind the times with falling sales Roseville, CA- It seems logical that the large sport utility vehicle is due for a redesign, since...

Honda Offers Appealing New Accord Plug-in Hybrid

Honda welcomed a new addition to its lineup for 2014: say hello to the Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid. The new addition makes Honda one of the few automakers to offer

Florida editor has dyslexia

Paula Nelson of Tampa, Florida, reads and spells words for a living. She is the special sections editor of the 20,000-circulation daily Hernando Today, which publishes this column. Nelson's occupational choice is striking,

Disabilities Advocate, Troy McClain

Perhaps you remember Troy McClain appearing on Donald Trump's highly rated "The Apprentice" television show in 2004. Since then, besides starting numerous business ventures, McClain ultimately became worldwide a passionate advocate for people with disabilities

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