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Realtor Julie Jalone

Short Sales Less Desirable

Short sales will be part of the Sacramento housing market for awhile but they are becoming less desirable for homeowners and lenders. Check out what Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty has to say about short sales.
2018 Hyundai Elantra

Redesign for 2018 Hyundai Elantra hatchback

Hyundai Elantra gets a redesigned hatchback Roseville, CA,- A year ago, Hyundai introduced a new bolder designed Elantra that transformed an appealing-looking compact sedan to...
Daniel J Vance

Wakefield Gets SA Chapters Running

My featured person this week, Margery Wakefield, of Lansing, Michigan, has had lifelong struggles with schizophrenia, a mental health disability.
Daniel J Vance

Evans Sees Greater Purpose in Disability

Two years ago, I featured Nicholas Evans of Spring Hill, Florida, who reads this column in Hernando Today. His story was so complex and unique, I recently sensed a progress report on his status was in order.
Daniel J Vance

College Student with Two Disabilities

Lately, Daphne Frieden has felt she should have earned better grades last semester while majoring in elementary education at
Daniel J Vance

A Holiday (Handicap Tag) Request

Marsha Reiniers of Spring Hill, Florida, reads this column in the daily Hernando Today. She has an interesting request this Christmas season and upcoming winter: If you have a disability parking sticker, physically are having a "good" day
Realtor Julie Jalone

New Loan for Short Sale Borrowers

Roseville Realtor, Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, writes about a new loan program for former homeowners who went through a short sale as a result of a divorce. They may now be able to qualify after only two years if they can provide their divorce papers.
Realtor Julie Jalone

Slowing Housing Market

Sacramento Realtor, Julie Jalone, who owns MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, writes about the current inventory of homes for sale and the recent slowdown in the Sacramento market.
Daniel J Vance

Mike Utley Foundation seeks cure for spinal cord injuries

Recently, I was able to reach Mike Utley over the telephone while he was in Dallas awaiting a flight to Miami. At one time, Utley was a great Detroit Lions offensive lineman, until an NFL game on November 17, 1991.

Considering the Mitsubishi Lancer? Do Your Homework

Looking to purchase a Mitsubishi Lancer? The advice here: do your homework. To properly evaluate the 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer, one should really