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Rheumatoid arthritis – Hope for Emily

Lori Maynard learned last year that her daughter had rheumatoid arthritis. The diagnosis followed “about three months of rapid degenerative illness,” said Maynard in a telephone interview from her New Jersey home.

Mother Found New Meaning

17-year-old Alisha Pierce suddenly came down with a cold, then a fever, caught viral pneumonia, and passed away inside two days. More than three years later, her mother, Shawn Pierce, still remembers her daughter with cerebral palsy.

2011 Nissan Murano, a great midsize crossover

The Murano remains an extremely attractive crossover that offers sophistication, sporty handling, a spacious backseat, appealing cabin, and delivers plenty of performance.

Depression Her Most Challenging Disability

Almost overnight in 1969, "Mary" (not her real name) lost most of the sight in her right eye at age 13 due to glaucoma and soon would lose nearly all sight in both eyes. Yet her biggest challenge in life

Disability gave Kneeshaw advantages

I have never featured anyone quite like 63-year-old Rick Kneeshaw. He acquired polio at age 3 and post-polio syndrome about age 36.

Honda Unveils New Plug-in Hybrid

Honda Clarity comes in three versions Not familiar with the PHEV term? Join the club. It's an acronym that puzzles many car buyers when it's...

Ford Fusion Hybrid: good choice for midsize family sedan

The Fusion has been a nice addition to the Ford lineup, providing versatility to the once struggling American automaker. Aided by the success of this family-friendly sedan, Ford

TBI Affected Man Helps Kids

"Johnny" is lucky being alive. For this column, he preferred using a pseudonym.

Focus on the Abilities

When my son (Ryan) was born seven years ago, his head leaned toward his shoulder," said 40-year-old Lane in a telephone interview. "Doctors didn't know what was wrong

Mental Health Counseling Week and Disability

Besides having penned this newspaper column about disability since 2002, I'm also a licensed professional counselor and national certified counselor.

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