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Daniel J Vance

Jim Abbott was Great One-Handed Pitcher

With baseball season upon us, I have brought back for this week only a very popular 2004 column. Here goes:
Daniel J Vance

California Musician Has Hearing Challenges

Have several years gone by since I featured then 60-year-old Alex Gutierrez of Midpines, California?
Daniel J Vance

Father Wants Son Happy

The National Institutes of Health defines autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as a "complex developmental disability" with symptoms starting before age three that causes "delays or problems in many different skills"
Daniel J Vance

Post-polio syndrome

In 1953, Carrie Cline Pike, now of Gold Hill, Oregon, contracted polio at age 18 while employed for a large pharmaceutical laboratory seeking a cure for polio.
Daniel J Vance

Blind man shares practical advice

Rick and Alysia Wells live happily in Kernersville, North Carolina. For years, he has been self-employed at home and she has worked as a social worker

Can new Acura RLX compete in luxury sedan class?

It may not be a real fetching sedan, but the RLX is very cool when it comes to technology to aid driving. In the safety category, it has blind spot warning and lane departure systems, which are nice reminders that
Daniel J Vance

How Polio changed one man’s career and life

What many people call "bad," 71-year-old Arvid Schwartz of Green Isle, Minnesota, calls "good."

Redesigned Nissan Altima remains a solid performer

Although this Nissan Altima came equipped with a four-cylinder engine, the sporty performance could have easily been mistaken for a V6.
Daniel J Vance

NY Reader Has Life Beyond MS

A column I wrote weeks ago about the Service Dog Project (and its Great Danes) prompted responses from two Niagara-Wheatfield (NY) Tribune readers
Daniel J Vance

Time of year for miracles

This time of year is for miracles. And 49-year-old Claudine Lanoix-Fox of Montreal, Canada, has one to share.