Rocklin, Calif. – The Rocklin Unified School District’s tarnished reputation takes another major hit.

This time it comes in the form of a $2.5 million insurance settlement over last year’s allegations and police investigation of rampant child abuse in Breen Elementary’s special education program and allegations of an administrative cover up.

The $2.5 million settlement may just be the beginning as several families to date have not reached settlement.

Sherry McDaniel,  the former special education teacher at Breen is charged with multiple counts of cruelty to a child by abuse, neglect or endangering health, and misdemeanor simple battery.

Allegations also claim that teacher aides reported information to principal Chuck Thibideau and District officials, yet no actions were taken to inform or protect.

There have been serious problems plaguing Rocklin Unified. As recently as 2012, the district was ordered to rehire nurses with back pay that it wrongfully fired in retaliation for expressing concerns over issues protected Education Employment Relations Act.

Power abused is always a bad thing. However, when the safety and welfare of our most vulnerable young children is ignored, it is an outrage and disgrace.

In our opinion, one of the first steps to begin the healing process and restore some integrity is that Breen’s principal, Chuck Thibideau  immediately resign his position at Breen Elementary.

While the community should allow the legal system to assign and sort out any allegations of wrongdoing, Thibideau’s resignation would show some good faith and indicate to community that we place the highest value on our children, while allowing those in our community an opportunity to heal.

For now, dark clouds continue to loom large over Breen Elementary and the Rocklin Unified School District.

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