Keeping gratitude & optimism at the forefront of life

Roseville, Calif. – Bursting colors and transforming hues of autumn leaves are set adrift by brisk winds, the deepening shadows bend sunlight to its will. Fall offers sensory reminders that times are indeed a changin’ as the holidays quickly approach.

This season of change presents an opportunity to reflect on the past while peering into the future. Due to life changes or circumstances, for many it may also be the most challenging and difficult of life’s seasons. We hope this article brings you a little dose of encouragement and hope.



Placer County Fair in Roseville


Wherever you stand along life’s path, gratitude can lift your spirits and carry you forward even in the most trying of times. Gratitude does not erase one’s struggles, but may help keep optimism at the forefront of life. In an unsteady world, counting your blessings and choosing gratitude can be of the most valuable tools in your toolkit. In the same way that focusing your camera helps determine the picture you get, shifting your focus in life can determine the world you see.

Here are a few of the life-changing nuggets of wisdom we’ve picked up and employed with success over the years from those far wiser than ourselves.

Simple Strategies for a more Grateful Life


Tune Out the News & Social Media

Big media, politics, and social networks regularly depend on keeping you hooked on fear, anger, and various forms of outrage and sensationalism. “The sky is falling” news cycles drive viewership, profits, and political donations. Don’t buy into it. Skip the outrageous headlines, limit social media and avoid the cable news circus. Your life will become a bit brighter and you’ll be a much happier camper for it!

Reconsider Toxic Relationships

Sometimes relationships go sour and need communication and work from both sides to bring them back in harmony. However, not all relationships can be reconciled, nor are they meant to be. Carrying on toxic relationships is counterproductive. Moving on or keeping your distance can be healing for all involved. Sometimes people are only part of your life just for a season.


As a tool to make you better, not bitter

We all strive to avoid difficulty, but live a little and tough times will find you.
Nothing shapes us quite like difficult times, failures, or expectations that fall short. The ladders of true success, keys to learning, and paths toward empathy and forgiveness are paved from life’s big challenges. When you encounter difficult times, take aim and steer yourself in the direction of the positive lessons they teach. Use adversity and pain as a tool to make you better, not bitter.

Be accountable

No doubt about it. The mistakes of life and occasions where we have caused pain to others can be difficult. Being accountable for your actions can also be tough. It can also lead you to a place of honest reflection, forgiveness & integrity.


Celebrate Family & Friends
Family is the place to celebrate the best of life and weather the worst…together. Family are simply the people you choose to surround yourself with and experience life. Surround yourself with the people who lift you up, hold you accountable and help make you become a better version of yourself. Enjoy the camaraderie & laughter along the journey.

Give a Little Bit
A little time, a little kindness, and a smile. Whatever your language of giving, when you give a little, you’ll be rewarded in profoundly positive ways. It lightens the burdens and brightens the life for all involved. Consider a local charity such as the Placer Food Bank.

Take a Different Views
What a bland, boring life it would be if we all conformed to the same ideals and world views. Worlds of wisdom, knowledge, and creativity gained from alternate perspectives and cultures that spin differently than our own is one of life’s great opportunities to learn, grow, and appreciate the world.

Old traditions are vitally important. They remind us where we come from and bond us to part of our history. New traditions help us branch out in new directions. Celebrate and be thankful for the past, present and future.

California, The Golden State
Incredible weather, mountains, desert, ocean, urban, and rural along with endless opportunity & cultural experiences. For a multitude of reasons, California remains the best place in America to live…by a longshot in our view.

Roseville & Placer County
In a place where residents care about their community, become involved and have pragmatic governance, good things happen. A pretty remarkable place to live, do business and enjoy life.

As you go through this holiday season facing life’s ups and downs, take time to seek out the positives around you and in others. Not only might you improve your own perspective, but you just might wind up helping someone up who is going through some unseen challenges in their own life.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and future filled with peace and gratitude.
(Have a strategy or suggestion for a life of gratitude? We’d love to hear from you!)


the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

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