Internet Outage

Simple technique to stay connected during Internet outage

Roseville, Calif. – Portions of Roseville were hit with an Internet outage following reports of an an accident in Citrus Heights that downed a fiber optic line.

In today’s ultra-connected world, a downed Internet connection can bring productivity and everyday habits to a screeching halt.





Many users are unaware that they have quick and easy access to a tool on their phone that can provide a secondary Internet access source to their home or small office laptops and desktops often at no extra cost.

Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot


Most modern phones and plans allow you to set your phone as a mobile hotspot. To turn it on, it’s usually as simple as checking a box. Check your manual or browse your settings.

Once activated, your phone is configured as its own private hotspot name and network passkey. Each device you wish to connect to the Internet will need these two pieces of information.

With your phone set as a hotspot, go to your laptop or desktop and connect to the wi-fi the same way you normally do. The new hotspot name should appear. Click on the hotspot name you just created and enter the network passkey. Voila! Your device is now connected to the Internet.

– This works best on plans with unlimited data as all connected devices share your data plan. You may incur charges on plans with caps.
– Reasonably good cell phone reception required for this feature to be practical.

Your Internet speeds may or may not be as quick as you are typically accustomed to, however, this technique works great in a pinch when you need to finish a task or absolutely need to be connected.

The next time your Internet goes down, consider this quick workaround!

BONUS: This technique can also be an effective solution on vacations, trips and remote destinations where Internet access or public wi-fi is unavailable or less secure.

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