Summer Safety Tips

Planning Your Safe Summer

Roseville, Calif.- Summertime fun is quickly approaching. The school year is wrapping up, and vacation plans are well underway. Make sure your plans also include how you will secure your home and belongings while you enjoy that much deserved time away.

Whether you are gone for one night, or a few weeks, here are some suggestions to secure your home and protect yourself while you’re on vacation.





7 Home Safety Tips

  1. Ask a trusted friend, or family member, to regularly check on your home.
  2. Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked. If possible, try adding a dowel or security bar as an added safety measure.
  3. If you get regular deliveries try to put them on hold, or have someone retrieve them, while you are gone. Check out the website for information about putting your mail on hold.
  4. Install motion-sensor video doorbell or security cameras that can send you alerts or text messages.
  5. Set a timer on a light inside your home to give the impression someone is inside.
  6. Avoid discussing future vacation plans on social media. This can give would-be thieves too much information. And, try not to post vacation photos or details until you return.
  7. Set up a Vacation House Check through the Roseville Police Department website. This program is a free service offered by your Police Department. The checks are performed by volunteers and is supplemental to your own safety and security efforts but can help deter possible thefts or damage to your property.

Away from home safety tips

  1. Share your travel plans with a trusted friend or family members, including hotel and flight information in case of an emergency.
  2. Double lock your hotel door by using the extra bolt or safety latch.
  3. Be friendly when you are out sightseeing; but remember not to give your personal information, your hotel room number, or travel plans to strangers.
  4. Keep your valuables close to you or securely locked in a hotel safe. Purses should be zipped up and worn close to the body. Try not to put loose dollars, credit cards, or your ID in your back pocket, those can easily be pick-pocketed. Use your front pockets if necessary.
  5. Do not hang the bags on the back of your chair. When dining out, bags, purses, or backpacks are most safe on your lap or on the floor between your legs.

Many of these safety tips are common sense simple steps that can be followed year-round. If you see suspicious behavior in your neighborhood, contact Roseville Police Department or file an online crime report. Safe travels, and we hope you enjoy a crime free vacation.


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