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Part 37 in an ongoing series highlighting the new California laws for 2013. This segment includes domestic violence, medical information disclosure, insurance, Asian rice noodles, community colleges, and more.

The California Legislature passed over 800 new laws for California residents and business and this series breaks downs those laws into digestible portions to help keep residents better informed. Readers can stop by and quickly scan a segment of new laws to learn what may impact them. Links to the legislature’s full text of each new law will be also be included.

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California’s New Laws for 2013 – Segment 37

  • SB 1403 – Domestic violence, permanent restraining orders and elder abuse orders.
  • SB 1404 – School property, Civic Center Act.
  • SB 1405 – Accountancy, military service, practice privilege.  Authorizes accountants to have their licenses placed on a military inactive status while engaged in active duty in the National Guard or armed forces.
  • SB 1407 – Medical information: disclosure.
  • SB 1408 – Bar pilots, Monterey Bay and the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun.
  • SB 1409 – The Energy Security Coordination Act of 2012.  Strengthens the clean energy partnership between California and the U.S. military.
  • SB 1410 – Independent medical review.
  • SB 1413 – Adjutant General, support programs.  Allows the Adjutant General to establish support programs, acquire facilities and solicit and accept donations for the benefit of military personnel and their families.
  • SB 1421 – Mobile homes, resident-owned mobile home parks.
  • SB 1425 – Juveniles, dependent children.
  • SB 1433 – Domestic violence, protective orders.
  • SB 1436 – Automated external defibrillators.
  • SB 1446 – Naturopathic doctors.
  • SB 1448 – Insurance.
  • SB 1449 – Life insurance and annuities.
  • SB 1450 – Mortgage guaranty insurance.
  • SB 1456 – Community colleges, Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012.
  • SB 1458 – School accountability, Academic Performance Index, graduation rates.
  • SB 1462 – County sheriffs, release of prisoners, medical release.
  • SB 1465 – Food safety, Asian rice-based noodles.

All of California’s Laws may be accessed via the State Legislature website.

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