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Homemade explosive devices safely disabled

Roseville, Calif.- This past week, a custodian at Warren T. Eich Middle School found a homemade explosive device on their main Sierra Gardens Drive campus.ย  The device detonated near him, but did not injure him or cause any damage.ย  A second homemade device was found near the dumpsters, and EOD officersย  from the Roseville-Rocklin EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) unit rendered it safe.ย  Both were homemade devices made from common household cleaning products.ย 

A protective search of the campus was conducted, and no other devices or hazards were found.   Students were kept off campus until that sweep was conducted, but then were allowed on campus.  Although no hazards were found, a Roseville Police officer remained on campus throughout the school day to ensure safety. 

Roseville Police detectives are working with school officials to investigate the incident. 

If anyone has any information about who might have placed the devices, please call Roseville Police detectives at (916)774-5070.

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