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Daniel J Vance

Evans helps others with disabilities

Nicholas Evans of Spring Hill, Florida, had just scored an exceptional 1450 on his SAT and was planning on majoring in meteorology at Florida State University. In 1999, he had a bright academic future even though he was having severe migraine headaches affecting his studies.
Daniel J Vance

Copy Editor managing Bipolar Disorder

will call her "Rita." She is a middle-aged copy editor for a Midwest publishing company. In her teens, she began having mental health struggles and in her 20s was diagnosed with a form of bipolar disorder
Daniel J Vance

Post Polio Syndrome

A National Institutes of Health website defines post-polio syndrome (PPS) as a condition affecting "polio survivors years after recovery from an initial acute attack of the poliomyelitis virus
Daniel J Vance

Bacterial Meningitis

Becky Werner would have turned 26 on December 2. "She woke up one morning and said she wasn't feeling well," said 54-year-old Dee Warner, Becky's mother
Daniel J Vance

Misdiagnosed Pain

Five years ago, Carol Morehart of London, Ohio, was leading a normal life until a physical condition blindsided her. "I began living in pain around the clock and continued on that way for about two years," 50-year-old Morehart said in a telephone interview.
Daniel J Vance

Disabilities, Developing an Appreciation

DeeAnn Konrad's son technically doesn't have a disability, but her challenging experience with him the last year certainly has softened her heart toward people with disabilities. She reads this column in the Tea-Harrisburg Champion in South Dakota
Daniel J Vance

Brother and Sister with PKU

Almost every American baby at birth receives a needle stick to collect a few drops of blood to test for phenylketonuria, or PKU, a rare, inherited birth defect.
Daniel J Vance

Dave Dravecky (part 2)

Recently, I interviewed baseball legend Dave Dravecky, whose comeback bid in 1989 was one of the greatest in sports history. After surviving radical cancer surgery, a year later
Dennis Godby, ND

Exercise and Brain Health

Exercise is a no-brainer for brain health, reducing dementia and depression, and preventing memory loss In an age of skyrocketing health care costs and seriously...

Mitsubishi Outlander an affordable competitor

Roseville, CA- Looking for a deal on a new sport utility vehicle that can haul seven people? Cost-conscious car shoppers should give the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander