Ranch House

California tranquility and charm awaits

Carmel Valley, Calif. – Quietly resting among the sweeping oaks and accompanied by undulating grasslands of green and gold, endless vistas of the dramatic Santa Lucia Mountain Range pull you in. Holman Ranch, a remarkably peaceful escape rests just a short, scenic drive off Highway 1. In fact, its proximity to the Monterey Peninsula leaves us feeling a bit guilty having rarely ventured to this bucolic bastion of tranquility during countless trips along the central coast.

This autumn road trip would find us exploring the famed destination in a storied history dating back less than a hundred years, Holman Ranch embodies a spirit reminiscent ofย  some of California’s most prized locales. Bringing it together in a style all its own, the ranch combines the best of country comfort, wine country and the Hollywood Hills. The laid back atmosphere only adds to the charm. Throughout the year, people from California and around the globe converge at Holman Ranch for weddings, corporate events and family gatherings.

oaks and grasslands

Instantly welcoming and feeling like you’ve arrived at a coming home party is a reminder that your stay at Holman Ranch is going to be something special. We were not disappointed.ย  Spacious rooms are decorated in a California country style that exudes rustic warmth while still providing all the requisite modern comforts. A covered porch with large wooden rocking chairs at the Ranch House adds a folksy touch for evening chats under the stars and mighty oaks, perhaps with a glass of wine.


The weather in Carmel Valley is spectacular and often warmer and more subdued than its coastal neighbors. The warmer days and comfortable evenings make it a great location for outdoor entertainment. The weather also helps make this region notable for its fine selection of Pinot varietals. Our palate agreed as we indulged on the Holman Ranch Kelly’s Press and Hunter’s Cuvee, both very tasty and smooth Pinot Noirs.

pool area

Gatherings of Fun

Holman’s Ranch captured our imagination as a place that excels equally at both festive celebrations and restoration of spirits. After settling in, we headed over to this artfully restored 1920’s Spanish-colonial era and mission architecture styled ranch to join fellow guests for wine tasting and discussion in the game room. If the walls could only speak, we might hear the tall tales of Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Vincent Price and other Hollywood luminaries who made Holman Ranch a frequent stop during their Central Coast forays.

Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

The variety of indoor and outdoor spaces were among the highlights of our visit. Whether lounging by the secluded pool, snapping one panoramic sunset photo after another, relaxing in the great room or strolling the grounds each area of the ranch provides its own “wow” factor.

Holman Ranch Vineyard

Carmel Valley has much more to offer than we ever imagined.ย  The natural beauty, relaxed atmosphere paired withย great wines and food make this area a must stop on any trip near the Monterey Peninsula.

A California classic for an unparalleled experience of dining, wining, corporate events and weddings, Holman Ranch truly is Carmel Valley’s Country Star.

To learn more visit https://holmanranch.com/

Carmel Valley and Holman Ranch Travel Tips

  • Carmel Valley is terrific wine country with about 25 Wine Tasting Rooms
  • Excellent Pinot Varietals in Carmel Valley due to weather and soil
  • Warmer days than the coast, Nights are cool and comfortable
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