New California Laws

New California Laws 2024: Part 7

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 7 in New California Laws for 2024 includes laws currently chaptered in the 2023-24 legislative session. This installment includes laws on flavored tobacco, consumer privacy, law enforcement social media, horse racing, and more.

For full and specific text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

New California Laws 2024 (part 7)

AB-911Unlawfully restrictive covenants: affordable housing.
AB-917Low-cost automobile insurance program.
AB-918Health care district: County of Imperial.
AB-925Vehicle removal: expired registration.
AB-928CalFresh Data Dashboard: students.
AB-932Accessory dwelling units: Accessory Dwelling Unit Program: reports.
AB-933Privileged communications: incident of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination.
AB-934Commission on Teacher Credentialing: public awareness campaign.
AB-935Tobacco sales: flavored tobacco ban.
AB-936Dentistry: exemptions.
AB-937Dependency: family reunification services.
AB-939Santa Clara Valley Water District.
AB-943Corrections: population data.
AB-946Emergency services: endangered missing advisory.
AB-947California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: sensitive personal information.
AB-948Prescription drugs.
AB-952Dental coverage disclosures.
AB-954Dependency: court-ordered services.
AB-956California State Auditor: background checks.
AB-965Local government: broadband permit applications.
AB-968Single-family residential property: disclosures.
AB-969Elections: voting systems.
AB-971Vehicles: transit-only traffic lanes.
AB-976Accessory dwelling units: owner-occupancy requirements.
AB-979Long-term care: family councils.
AB-988Miles Hall Lifeline and Suicide Prevention Act: veteran and military data reporting.
AB-993Cannabis Task Force.
AB-994Law enforcement: social media.
AB-1007Occupational safety and health standards: plume.
AB-1013On-sale general public premises: drug testing devices.
AB-1016Pest control operations: aircraft operations: private applicator.
AB-1020County Employees Retirement Law of 1937: disability retirement: medical conditions: employment-related presumption.
AB-1021Controlled substances: rescheduling.
AB-1023California Cybersecurity Integration Center: school cybersecurity.
AB-1025County government: contract legal counsel: elected treasurer-tax collector.
AB-1027Social media platforms: drug safety policies.
AB-1029Advance health care directive form.
AB-1032Courts: court interpreters.
AB-1033Accessory dwelling units: local ordinances: separate sale or conveyance.
AB-1037Vote by mail ballots: signature verification.
AB-1046Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act: exemptions.
AB-1048Dental benefits and rate review.
AB-1052Sacramento Regional Transit District: taxes.
AB-1059Product safety: consumer products: textile fiberglass and covered flame retardant chemicals.
AB-1061Electricity Supply Strategic Reliability Reserve Program.
AB-1068Public Utilities Commission: ex parte communications.
AB-1070Physician assistants: physician supervision: exceptions.
AB-1071Teen dating violence prevention education: online information and resources.
AB-1074Horse racing.
AB-1076Contracts in restraint of trade: noncompete agreements.

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New California Laws

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