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Annual Series on New California Laws

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 21 in New California Laws for 2022. This installment includes detention facilities, telecom outages, environmental advertising, protective orders, end of life, and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2022 – Part 21

SB-331 Settlement and nondisparagement agreements.
SB-332 Civil liability: prescribed burning operations: gross negligence.
SB-333 San Joaquin Regional Transit District: procurement.
SB-334 Detention facilities: contracts.
SB-336 Public health: COVID-19.
SB-338 Joint and several liability of port drayage motor carrier customers: health and safety violations: prior offenders: liability owed to the state.
SB-339 Vehicles: road usage charge pilot program.
SB-341 Telecommunications service: outages.
SB-343 Environmental advertising: recycling symbol: recyclability: products and packaging.
SB-347 Urban forestry: California Community and Neighborhood Tree Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund.
SB-352 The military: sexual harassment.
SB-353 Hospice: services to seriously ill patients.
SB-354 Public social services.
SB-360 Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act: escrow agent rating services and escrow agents.
SB-362 Chain community pharmacies: quotas.
SB-363 Educational equity: government instruction conferences.
SB-366 Automobile dismantling: task force.
SB-368 Health care coverage: deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.
SB-369 Flood control: Yolo Bypass Cache Slough Partnership Multibenefit Program.
SB-372 Medium- and heavy-duty fleet purchasing assistance program: zero-emission vehicles.
SB-374 Protective orders: reproductive coercion.
SB-378 Local government: broadband infrastructure development project permit processing: microtrenching permit processing ordinance.
SB-380 End of life.
SB-381 Surplus residential property: priorities, procedures, price, and fund: City of South Pasadena.
SB-383 Juveniles: informal supervision: deferred entry of judgment.
SB-386 Tied-house restrictions: advertising: mixed-use district.
SB-389 Alcoholic beverages: retail on-sale license: off-sale privileges.
SB-390 Employment Development Department: recession plan.
SB-391 Common interest developments: emergency powers and procedures.
SB-392 Common interest developments: document delivery.

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New California Laws

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