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Roseville, Calif.- On Wednesday afternoon, April 14, Roseville Police detectives and Placer County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a local man who had been operating an ice-cream vendor truck near a middle school.

John Carl Alderson, 62, of Roseville was arrested on suspicion of violating a law related to his status as a registered sex offender. State law prohibits registered sex offenders from working or volunteering in a job which involves significant contact with minor children under the age of 16, in an unaccompanied setting.ย  On Wednesday, investigators received a tip that Alderson had been driving an ice-cream truck near Olympus Junior High School.

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Investigators learned that Alderson has been operating the ice-cream truck for approximately three weeks.ย  The same day they received the tip, investigators arrested Alderson on the misdemeanor charge of violating registered sex offender requirements. He was booked into the Roseville City Jailย  and, because of the misdemeanor classification of the offense, released on a citation to appear in court.

Alderson also had not applied to the Roseville Police Department for a permit to operate an ice-cream vendor truck. The City of Roseville requires such permits so that the police department can investigate the criminal history and driving record of applicants.  Anyone convicted of a sex offense involving children would be ineligible for a permit.

Investigators have not received any information that, other than operating the ice-cream truck, Alderson had touched or spoken inappropriately to any children, or violated any other law. Anyone who has any other information on this matter is urged to call the Roseville Police Investigations Unit at 916-774-5070.

Alderson was originally required to register as a sex offender because of his conviction for a misdemeanor offense of annoying or molesting children.  Although his sex registrant status was known to law enforcement, he was not required to be listed on the state’s public Megan’s Law website.   Sex offenders can petition the court to be excluded from the public Megan’s Law website site under certain circumstances, such as a misdemeanor conviction.

The Roseville Police Department is disclosing Mr. Alderson’s status now because of his attempt to operate an ice-cream vendor business. The purpose of the disclosure is to allow members of the public to protect themselves and their children from sex offenders.

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